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  1. Katana_in

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) COMMISSIONS OPEN

    Hello, friends! I'm opening commissions. Prices and information can be found on art :з In order to order a commission, it is enough to write to me in notes or in telegram You can find my works on my page FURAFFINITY Thank you :)
  2. Unidoneya

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) $10-20 Fullbody Commissions (OPEN)

    I'm new in this furry community and my plans is to expand my gallery via Christmas art SALE commissions available until January 1st. Examples of my artstyle and some sneak peak of my private art are attached below: For the chibi-ish artstyle: $10 per character For the tall artstyle: $20 per...
  3. 0

    Hiring: ($50+) Anthro Sketch Commission(s)

    It’s the Holidays and I don’t know about some of you, but I’ll be spending them by myself. But that’s not important! I’m here because I’m working on a project, one I’m not ready to show to the world yet and I’m currently on the hunt for references for two characters of mine. Both characters...
  4. momodesugart

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Christmas YCHS OPEN ![SFW/NSFW]

    ⭐CHRISTMAS LIGHTS YCH OPEN⭐ Any species / any gender SFW or NSFW nude / with an outfit DIALOGS CAN BE CHANGED OR DELETED The background color can be changed as well - Price - SFW - $50 Fullcolor- NSFW - $65 Fullcolor- SFW + NSFW (of the same character) - $80 - PayPal only - More information...
  5. CaptainCandyass

    Hiring: ($15+) Discord/Telegram Sticker, 2 Characters (NSFW)

    Artist has been chosen! Thank you for your submissions! Just a forewarning, if you don't have experience drawing Furries, Females, Males, NSFW Content or Protogens you have less chances of being selected (But not zero). Please be prepared to provide examples of these things if possible. Prefer...
  6. folvaen

    (Commission) Selling: Folvaen's Commissions! [$12-250+] - Furries, humans, digital paintings, lineart, and more!

    Welcome! This price sheet is a simple breakdown, I've also done chibi icons, environment pieces, hand drawn animations, animated icons, 3d model textures, and stream assets before! I also have a public queue here! This is also where you can find my TOS...
  7. sleeping_cerberus


    feline ref sheet! 20 usd for a sheet (two full bodies) or 10 for just half a sheet (one full body) i can add info and adjust lines ofc, i take venmo and cashapp, and prefer the latter :D ! i can make adjustments need be, no additional cost! comment here or message me! (i believe my discord is...
  8. FISYA

    (Commission) Selling: ❗️OPEN NSFW/SFW COMMISSIONS 24/7❗️

  9. DeadSpaceBro

    Hiring: ($100+) (CLOSED) Hiring an Artist to draw my Player's DnD 5e Character (Tabaxi / Furry PC)

    Before we get started, let me just thank you all personally for taking the time to read this, I appreciate that a lot! Commission: I'm going to be inviting a player who I really like to join my campaign within a few weeks, possibly 3 weeks from now or more depending. They have a Tabaxi Monk...
  10. boaccino

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Digital Art [SFW/NSFW]; Humans, demons, furries, and more!

    If interested or have any questions, please contact me on Discord (boaccino#6969), on Twitter (boaccino), or by Email: boaccino@gmail.com. ^^ I've updated my carrd so it should be easier to navigate! It has my gallery, more examples, and NSFW pieces ^^ I've also begun setting up my furaffinity...
  11. HyperPolka

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) Commissions guidelines

    Hy peeps, I updated my commission guidelines for 2023~ - - Payment by paypal, over USD40 you can make two installments, one upon agreement and the rest upon delivery. - sizes are in pixels and are just reference, it might vary according to pose etc. every resolution is 300dpi. This applies to...
  12. Amynta

    Hiring: ($35+) (NSFW) Male Anthro Shark Drawing

    Hey there! I'd like to commission a NSFW, simple drawing of one of my characters. There are no refs yet, only descriptions. I need a male, anthro shark, with a femboy-ish look. Nothing too crazy, aside from some piercings and simple markings. I will get into more detail in DMs, of course. It...
  13. V

    (Commission) Selling: 15$+ sketch commissions open!

    Cheap sketches in without line - underpainting technic are open! For 15-25$ I will draw portrait sketch for you in one-few colors and flat or light textured background For 25-40$ it will be half or full sized character with flat or light textured background Prices will be calculated depends of...
  14. HyperPolka

    [COMMISSION $35+] 3 slots for char portrait, color (digital or traditional)

    Hi peeps I'm opening 3 slots for portrait commission (I consider portrait as "half-body" or elaborated pfp/shoulder/torso, such as these below) Prices begin at $35 additional character + $20 detailed background + $15 DM is open :)
  15. strwbrylmnd

    Animated Commissions!

    Animated Pixel Commissions discord: strwbrylmnd#3073 my website -- -- Headshots 20-24usd Halfbodies 25-29usd Fullbodies 30-35usd
  16. AbstractReptile

    Hiring: ($25+) Looking for a character redesign!

    Specifically, I'm looking to have these six, and others later down the line, redrawn as Dungeons and Dragons style characters. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/1005956713238777920/1036072690919936070/comm2q.png
  17. Cherrypxw

    Hiring: Looking for any kinds of commissions! (SFW)

    Hi! I'm currently looking for any kinds of SFW commissions, so feel free to drop your examples and prices down below! I might not commission you right away, but I might come back to this thread later. I'm currently looking for art of my enderman oc (Minecraft haha) and some furry ocs...
  18. Ressicle

    Hiring: ($75+) LF: Punk Halloween Cockatrice Anthro Custom!!

    Hi I'm looking for a fullbody (preferably nude vers and clothed vers) custom of a anthro cockatrice! Here is the aesthetic I want! https://www.pinterest.com/ressicle/punkin-aesthetic/ I love Halloween and Punk designs so I thought a mix would be nice. I want them to be mainly of orange /...
  19. Cherrypxw

    (Commission) Selling: CUSTOM MERCH

    Cherrypxw’s Merch Commissions - OPEN Hiya! Interested in custom merch of your character? Now’s your chance to get some! Some general info: My T.o.S and other info can be found here! I take payment through PayPal, MobilePay and bank transfer (SEPA-area). I DON’T draw NSFW (suggestive is okay)...
  20. DeadSpaceBro

    Hiring: ($150+) (CLOSED) NSFW, Dungeons and Dragons 5e Related. $30 - $150+

    First off, if you're an artist coming into this thread- THANK YOU for stopping by to read this. I appreciate each and every one of you guys. <3 Secondly: The artist I had chosen prior for some reason disappeared off the face of the Earth, no longer updating their profile nor communicating with...