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  1. xen0fiendz

    xen0fiendz commissions! SFW & NSFW Artist!

    Heya! I'm xen0, I'm a freelance illustrations artist. I love to draw inspirational, fun characters doing all sorts of things, and I'm not very limited regarding species! I draw sfw and nsfw art, and am very comfortable with both. If you're interested in seeing my full gallery, feel free to take...
  2. iAnimateYT

    Amogus art commission

    This guy on ferzu asked for an art request to turn his fursona into an amogus bean, he asked if I had a patreon cause freelance work makes him anxious, hes now pledging €5 a month cause I drew him this.
  3. Hikarty

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) NSFW sale commissions ("a night with")

    I got this idea which is basically NSFW sale commissions, 20% off my regular prices for two characters more or less, the thing is a commission of your character along one of my characters, for cheaper than it would be. Of course you chose everything about the commission, just one of these three...
  4. FlooferWoofer

    Hiring: ($75+) Not doing hurtful things to your waifu meme. ($50-100)

    =INTRO= Hello, all. I'm floof and I'm looking for someone with art skills to bring an idea to life. I'm going to explain this as plainly as possible because my last artist who tried this bungled it. I want you to take this blank page here...
  5. Pyruus

    Hiring: ($75+) CLOSED: (75-100$) Looking for desktop background

    It's been a while since I've wanted a new piece for my sona, and I've made some minor changes to him. I'm thinking I'd like a desktop background, preferably realistic or semi-realistic, with him in front or near a log cabin in a snowy forest at night. It's lightly snowing, and one can see the...
  6. SamashTommy

    Commission open <3 [20$-40$]

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii everybody! We are TommySamash and we open for commissions via Paypal. Yes: SFW/NSFW, human/furry/anthro/feral No: mecho Also we have 4 slots for trade! OUR PRICE LIST OUR GALLERY IS HERE TommySamash Gallery Note us about commission on FA or Our DA page!
  7. D

    Looking to commission a short very nsfw piece

    Hello to all of you fabulous furry writers! I'm looking to commission something rather unique and very naughty. I am looking for a monologue of a cruel dragon or beast talking to the reader. I am looking for a turnaround time of 1-3 days if possible. I can provide more details in a private...
  8. OctoHat

    (Commission) Selling: ($50+) Commissions open!

    Hi! I'm looking for commissioners! I provide finished art in 7-14 days, and I'm very open-minded and friendly. Please, pm me here or on FA, I'll be glad to bring your imagination into art! Here is my gallery: https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/octohat/ And my prices: Rules I reserve the right...
  9. LunarAesthetic

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) 1 Week turn around time!

    Contact me through FA [LunarAesthetic] TY~ Commission info here: https://www.furaffinity.net/commissions/lunaraesthetic/ ~ Any comments to bump my post very appreciated!
  10. Just_Smile_69

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Inexpensive commissions for my base (5$-15$)

    Good day! I offer your Sims low-cost commissions to develop my base. Samples of my drawings below or my site https://www.furaffinity.net/user/justsmile69/ https://www.deviantart.com/justsmile666 While I will take 3 places: Chibik - $ 5 Half body - $ 10 Full body - $ 15 Characters will be with...
  11. korsk4life

    (Hiring $50+) Looney Tunes-style Artist Wanted For Female Slapstick Images

    Hello there! Hope everyone is doing well during this pandemic. As the thread suggests, I'm looking to hire an artist who can draw in the classic Looney Tunes style to do a series of images. The images would show Lola Bunny (preferably in the original Space Jam appearance) experiencing a series...
  12. Bernadaite

    COMMISSIONS OPEN!!! [I draw anything, any kink! ~ starting at 35€/$41]

    Let me draw your dirty dirty fantasies! I've drawn pretty much ANYTHING so nothing will shock me! Drawings can stay private too (I have a few anon commissioners!) I just prefer payment in euros via paypal (here's a currency converter to be sure on how much you pay!) You can contact me on this...
  13. spookyfoxinc

    (Commission) Selling: ($50+) Frame by frame commissions open!

    Frame by Frame Commissions! Hi there! I thought I could advertise some frame by frame commissions I'm now open for. I can do anything - sfw or nsfw. Prices vary depending on complexity of animation. For nsfw I will need to see ID! If interested - note me here...
  14. Trevorbluesquirrel

    Birthday Commission!

    I'm thinking of inquiring about a com from this artist! https://www.furaffinity.net/user/rindeadsong/ Either a chibi, or flat color sketch! Art would be someone jumping out of a big cake on 1 side, and me being Happy Surprised on the other! Would anyone like to be the cake jumper!? Please...
  15. Axel Lionhart

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Commissions OPEN

    Hi guys, I'm Alex, digital artist, and I have open commissions Commission Form You can support my work on patreon and Kofi too Some examples:
  16. D

    Art Competition: Looking for a new wife

    Hello, We are BridgeZ/GameMotion and we are here to look for character that could be a wife of this other character that we have, Michael. We are reaching out again to get help with our project and invite people in become part of our project. We are looking for a character design that is the...
  17. GentleButter

    GentleButter Digital Commissions

    Welcome to GentleButters Digital commissions, have a look around! You want Portraits? We got those! YCH? You betcha! NSFW? *leans in and whispers* That's gonna be in the back, but we got those too! Prices: Bust Portrait $10 Line Art ~ $20 Full Color (+$5 for full rendered background instead...
  18. Therbis

    (Commission) Selling: Reference sheets (sfw/nsfw)

    Hello there! Im Therbis, a freelance artist from Germany and besides a lot of other stuff, Im offering character sheets which I decided to make a post for today :) Below you will first find some of my already done commissions, after that my price infos. (I also offer character design in case...
  19. blackquestant

    (Commission) Selling: Drawings starting at $25

    DONTS: Wendig*s scat underage noncon
  20. mm-d

    (Commission) Selling: ($15 - $150+) Fund My Being Alive; Digital Art (OPEN)

    [last update: 2nd March 2021] md's silly soup frenzy still a bit of a wip but feel free to order anyways ♘♞♞♘ deviantART || FurAffinity || Ko-fi mangomdolphin@gmail.com other active commission threads: grab-bag mspaint character designs ♘♞♞♘ howdy. i draw many things in various different ways...