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  1. S

    Pro artist, new on the scene, looking for new clients. Please check out my work?

    Sorry if I'm breaking any rules, I tried to get a good understanding and it feels like I'm doing this right, but I'm new. But not new to art! Please check out my profile and commissions page On furaffinity here!
  2. D

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) Underwear+gential design for my character

    I'm looking for an artist to help me create a NSFW design of my character's genital with a unique underwear that fits me character in size and style
  3. Michel96M

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Autumn сommission SALE 20 $ - 125 $ LAST slot

    Note me on FA: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/diaztony/ or DA: https://www.deviantart.com/michel96m 2 SLOTS SLOT 1: CLOSE SLOT 2: OPEN Example: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/44003905/ colored sketch version + full rendered (semirealistic) version 30 $ 20 $ - half body (3\4) + simple...
  4. Hikarty

    Hiring: ($50+) NSFW sapphic art (humanoid)

    Looking for some NSFW (soft/mild most likely?) for my sapphics who are a demon and a fallen angel. -Budget is roughly around $50 but could be a little less or more -Must be comfortable drawing muscular (not bara, just mildly muscular) people and scars -Can be sketch, flat color, full piece...
  5. impendingsenseofdoom

    (Commission) Selling: Mood Board Reference Sheet Sale! $35 for 1 Fullbody and 1 Headshot

    Hey everyone, I'm opening up my Mood Board Reference Sheets again! $35 for 1 fullbody illustration and 1 headshot or bust. DM me here or on Twitter if you're interested! ----------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. TemetNosce88

    (Commission) Selling: ($50+) TemetNosce88's Commissions Open! (NSFW and pinups) - YCH Now Available!

    I'm open for commissions! I have 2 spots left for anyone who wants them. Please read my full Terms of Service here: https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/10006610 In a nutshell: Commissions like those you see above are $50+ for a colored, shaded, full-body drawing. More for complex characters or...
  7. mochafronk

    (Commission) Selling: ($75+) + mochafronk's commissions + [OPEN]

    hello, i'm mocha. i'm a uni student in my third year of animation. i've been drawing digitally since 2012. i've been taking commissions since 2017. my turnaround is up to 3 weeks. i will keep in regular contact with you during the illustration process. i can do mild nsfw. no taboo themes...
  8. blackquestant

    (Selling) 15 USD Commissions

    DONT'S X Underage NSFW X Wendig*s X NONCON I do heavy nsfw and kinks!
  9. K

    (Commission) Selling: Digital & Acrylic Paintings!

    Sketch Headshot($5) Halfbody($10) Fullbody($15) Flats Headshot($10) Halfbody($20) Fullbody($30) Rendered Headshot($15) Halfbody($30) Fullbody($45) Add-Ons: Simple Background: +$10 Complex Background: +$20 Multiple Characters: (price of commission) x (number of characters)...
  10. EhwazAzi

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Peekaboo Icons w/ Autumn BG [$25]

  11. D

    Hiring: ($35+) Dino character commission

    Hi, I'm looking for an artist how can help me clean up and improve my character.
  12. Lexus

    (Commission) Selling: Commission [OPEN]

    Only PayPal ☽ What I Draw ☾ Dragons and other mystical creatures MLP\ Draconequus Cats Dogs ☽ Prices ☾ ☽ HeadShot\Half Body☾ $15 and above [Depends on the complexity of the character] ☽Full Body☾ $35 and above [Depends on the complexity of the character] Full body+headshot: $55 and...
  13. Krikri

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Emergency Frisky YCH - Flat Rate $50

    Hello, some discounted YCH here! Been hit with some vet bills for my cat's eye surgery, so I'd need some quick turnaround for these babes. Flat rate $50, color with loose cel shading. 2 buyers per slot max. Full image - https://www.furaffinity.net/view/43926300/ Example of color -...
  14. Parabellum3

    Hiring: Need a 3D modeler for game development/VR chat (<= $200)

    Hey guys. This may be a tough one to take on, but I am looking for someone that could make a 3D model of my OC, along with his blade and gun for a little game that I am trying to make using the Unreal Engine. Currently I am trying to implement basic functions to a dummy character, though I don't...
  15. Berry_Slice

    Hiring: ($150+) (Closed)NSFW Background Scalie Artist

    Greetings! I am currently in the market for either a Greyscale or Colored digital artwork of my Kobold. The piece I am wanting to get involves the character laying on a pile of gold/treasure. It's got some kinks to work out, but I think I have something solid here. I would like to make it a...
  16. MCtheBeardie

    Hiring: ($100+) Protogen Illustration (CLOSED)

    This thread is now closed, thank you so much for all of your wonderful submissions!
  17. 5thSun

    (Commission) Selling: 5thSun COMMISSIONS | 40€ - 150€+ | SFW | Painterly - Fully Rendered - Illustration [OPEN]

    Hello there!! I have opened my commissions and I have a few slots avaiable for grabs! I mainly do illustrations and character portraits/fullbodies with a painterly finish, but I have a variety of other things I can do ~ I sold all my emoji/sticker slots for this round, so you'll have to wait...
  18. The-Greatest-Mystery

    (Commission) Selling: ($25+) Drawtober: Taking Commissions [OPEN] $25+

    October is half a month away, which means I'm preparing for another year of daily designs. This is a great opportunity for people to grab some cheaper Drawtober-style commissions! Examples below: - - - COMMISSION TYPES/PRICES (USD): BASIC SLOT: $25 per slot (Reg price: $38) - One...
  19. berry

    Any pandas in here?

    Hi! Does anyone here have any panda-related art I could check out (SFW/NSFW)? If you’re on FA, I’ve love to check out your page if you’ve got one! Thanks in advance!
  20. FehmArts

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Commissions are open! DISCOUNT on additional characters!!

    Hello! I'm Feh and my commissions are currently open! 5 slots only and discount on additional characters! Visit my site for prices and information: https://fehmartscommissions.carrd.co/ If you're interested, here's my email: fehmarts@gmail.com Examples: Thanks for reading! Have a nice day.