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  1. Iggyness

    (Commission) Selling: Iggyness' Commissions~! Can Do references/PNGTubers/Emotes/Etc!

    Iggyness Art Website! It has all the links! Hi I'm Iggyness and I'm a ferret on the internet who likes to draw and take commissions! I currently have two different styles I am working in: A pseudo anime cel shaded style for drawing digimon and a grittier painter style for everything else! I...
  2. TyranSmash

    Hiring: ($25+) Pokemon commission wanted

    For my Tyranitar character. Sorta NSFW or just borderline? I'm wanting a maid/bunnysuit of him. Not anthro, muscular or gijinka, just your standard/normal Tyranitar. Full body or possibly half body. Colored and shaded, digital art. Not looking for hyperrealistic and complicated details. No...
  3. cowboykidd

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: $60 adopts and customs!

    I currently have these two fellas open, $50 each. I have customs open as well; they're $60 for a single fullbody! Feel free to DM me, comment here, or shoot me a message on Discord (cowboy#3075). More design examples here.
  4. tsubelle

    (Commission) Selling: ($50+) $50-$150 commissions! Sketch, flats, and shaded (SFW & NSFW).

    hi everyone! I'm trying to get back into doing commissions after needing to go on an extended hiatus for school. I sell sketches, flats, and shaded. I also do designs and references, but I normally don't post about it and do it upon request. I draw humans, anthros/furries, and animals...
  5. StonedHam

    (Commission) Selling: Emergency slots open! Fullbody/Fullcolor pinup SALE! $80 FLAT!

    Hello all! In a bind and opening an emergency sale shop. Any character or OC, NSFW or not, in a fullbody fullcolor poster pinup format for just $80! I have enough time to fill 10 slots with a promised return time of within 1 month, feel free to message me here or email me directly at...
  6. SkySabri

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) ★ Sabri's Commissions ★ — Clean Sketch, Lineart, Detailed coloring, Chibis, Stickers, Reference Sheets, and more!

    Hello! My name is Sabri and I'm a Digital Artist. I offer a wide variety of illustrations from clean sketches to fully detailed pieces, as well as reference sheets, stickers, profile pictures and even comics! ↑ Please read everything carefully ↑ All commissions are SFW. I can draw...
  7. VileKeyKeeper

    (Commission) Selling: ❀Greengale Inn❀ Anthro, feral, mlp, humanoid commissions [$20-$90] | SFW + NSFW

    Welcome, traveler! Come, rest your weary bones near the fire and let me tell you about our specials! All the prices below are for one character, any additional character are +100% of a basic (without bg) price. Payment is accepted via Buy Me a Coffee. Please, make sure to read through my ToS...
  8. The-Greatest-Mystery

    (Commission) Selling: Experimental September Commissions [OPEN] $12-$100

    RULES: - These slots are not first-come, first-served; I will fill slots based on my interest in the characters. - All commission prices listed here are reduced to sell. However, if you feel that the prices are still too high, you are free to make a counter-offer. If your character is...
  9. WhiteGuardian

    (Commission) Selling : Transformation Art Commission

    Open for Transformation Art Commission. Special till the end of August 2022. 3 Stages only $50. 5 Stages only $80. Payment only accept PayPal. You can PM or direct contact my Email : whiteguardianart@gmail.com Here some of my recent Transformation art
  10. R

    Hiring: Looking for artist for long term NSFW comic/sequence pic series

    Hello all! I'm looking for an artist who can help me with a long(ish) comic/sequence idea I'd like to do. It's an NSFW series I had in mind set on a beach featuring H/F and H/M scenes. There's nothing too fetish-y planned but I wanted to advertise those themes as I know not everyone is...
  11. Selianne

    (Commission) Selling: ✧ pixel commissions open ✧

    Hi! I'm Selianne and I enjoy doing pixelart. I offer you cheap pixel commissions! Icons Non-animated – 20$ Animated – 25$ Background in price Halfbodies Without background – 35$ Simple background +5$ Detailed background +10$ Simple animation +5$ Fullbodies Without background – 50$ Simple...
  12. Dr. Virus

    (Commission) Selling: $30 fullbody single character - 3 slots

    Hello! I'm offering commissions for $30! Here are some examples! (More at: https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/drvirus/folder/931835/Fullbody ) +$10 character complexity +$15+ background TERMS: 1. Payment must be received in full before any work begins 2. I reserve the right to refuse a...
  13. Byzance123 Rauss Khan

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Need money

    Hello I know I am a bit bad in art, but I am searching commissionner. I will only draw anthro unhaired. Here is my commission sheet : Content I accept : fantasy political (if it's fictive) headshot halfbody fullbody anthro (scalies, furry, feathers ... ) Soft NSFW (vore, butt, boots fetish...
  14. Viiburnum

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Cute Chibi YCHs {$15 each}

    Both YCHs are $15 USD each! Payment accepted via PayPal and Ko-fi. Can do human, anthro, and feral characters. Turnaround estimated around a week or less! ➡️ By commissioning me, you are agreeing to my T.O.S. Please reply to this thread if interested - thank you! (^ω^)/
  15. W

    Could anybody teach me how to create a fursona?

    Hello community, I have joined recently and I am lost in this topic of creating my fursona. I really do not know very well what to do in the situation in which I find myself and I am looking for someone to help me and guide me, because there are people here who have a lot of experience. I...
  16. NNNM

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) AUGUST SKETCH COMMISSIONS

    Hey! 5 slots open for august, 20 usd each, any gender, any species, nsfw or sfw. May decline commission if there is some specific fetish i feel uncomfortable with. Feel free to dm me on FA https://www.furaffinity.net/user/nnnm/ Discord nnnm#2128 or telegram https://t.me/neonnemo Payment via...
  17. aysummer

    (Commission) Selling: {10USD - 30USD} ○ Summer art

    — w e l c o m e . . . You can call me summer I'm a digital artist and now I taking Anthro/Furry commissions! ( I do nsfw too) * .:。✧*゚ ゚・ ✧.。. * * .:。✧*゚ ゚・ ✧.。. * . *.:。✧ *゚ ゚✧.。. ➼ T O S . . . - Communication will be handled via Telegram, Twitter, discord (summer#0461) or Instagram. -...
  18. T

    HUNGRY WRITER ❍ Willing To Do Anything [NSFW, SFW, VORE, LITERALLY ANYTHING] $$$ Message Me ●◍●

    I will be at your service and write for you. I only do payments securely through PayPal and if you want a taste of what I've got I will give a ~250 word trial. Please describe to me in heavy detail what you want. The average rating will be around 10 USD for 1000 words (0.01 cents per word) and...
  19. sashimifeast

    (Commission) Selling: Teneies, chibis, half, full bodies, scene illustrations

    Hiya! I'm opening commissions for august, if you're interested please dm or leave a message on twitter. All info can be found here! Please be sure to read my T.O.S. before contacting me. I'm not offering animated pixel icons at this time. Pieces will be started on mid august, invoice will be...
  20. SharpUnforgiven

    (Other) Selling: sharp commissions OPEN

    i do sketches and colored sketches too - u can reach me on discord if ur interested "Sharp#2560"