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  1. KatsuOurSaviour

    Help main site commission information!

    I am new to furafinity ( and the forums ) and I can’t seem to understand the “commission information” page. I decided I was finally going to open commissions, but nothing shows up. I updated by status to open commissions but nothing changes. All that is stated is “Click here to edit commission...
  2. Pancakes!Where?

    How to remove "Commission Info" tab from user page? [Solved]

    If someone already made a post about this please link me to a solution, and i'll delete this. I don't do commissions and I would like to remove that tab from my page. If it's a option in the settings, please point it out to me because I don't see it. Thank you
  3. PixiuDraws

    Pokemon Hybrid/Fusion Customs and Art!

    (Sort of a dire situation so a better ref sheet will be put soon) For a better view, check here- sta.sh: Pokemon Hybrid Commissions (OPEN) The sketches are a BASE PRICE (7 and 5 usd), everything else is just added on. So a sketch from a reference with color and soft shading would be 10 usd...