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  1. Dezarian

    Looking for a JJBA icon.

    It's a birthday present to myself.. I'm willing to spend $25-40 on this piece.. It will be of Diavolo Una from Part 5 and you may contact me on FA ( Strudelbutt.) for more info. This is a humanoid commission.
  2. AmeliaTheHolstein

    (Commission) Selling: I’ll draw your fursona in a chibi art style [$5]

    Hi, my name's Amelia. I would love to draw some chibi fursonas for you! Message me if you'd like a chibi drawing of your fursona, my rate is $5 a picture including coloring and cel-shading. <3 Link to my FA Gallery page: Userpage of AmeliaTheHolstein -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  3. J

    Free Art: Free commissions for art practice

    Hey fellas, I'm asking all of you for requests of art commissions of your OCs so I can practice my artwork and possibly create an art commissioning name for myself once I've improved enough. I apologize in advance if I absolutely suck, I'm biased to my own art so I wouldn't know how good/bad I...
  4. P

    How to commission art for absolute beginners?

    OK, so I'm 100% new to this so I'm going to need an idiot's tutorial because I honestly have absolutely no clue how to do this, i.e. how to find artists open for commission, how to pick an artist out of the tens of thousands that exist, how to know what kind of art you want, how to contact them...
  5. EylonFerrousa

    Hiring: Looking for a Custom Feral Dragon 40 USD Budget

    In Search of a Custom Feral Dragon —————————————————————————— Hello. this is my first time posting in the FA Forums and after a decision I figured this was probably the correct place for this. If it isn't I do apologize. I am currently in the process of looking for a custom design of a feral...
  6. I

    Free Art Commissions (CLOSED)

    Hey guys, I'm sorry to inform you that I just don't have the time to cover all of your requests - my plan for this post was to collect one or two requests for practice, not even half as many as I've been sent currenly. I thought that there may have been the possibility that I could scrounge up...
  7. Kuma Hontosha

    Looking for Custom Dragon - $40 Budget

    (I'm new to the forums so I apologize if this isn't okay) Looking for a Custom! I've been currently looking for someone for the past four days now that can make a custom feral dragon character based around a lot of references that I have found that somewhat fit what I am looking for. I have...
  8. Anthroaway

    Is anybody doing any form of non-anthro, non-cartoony commissions?

    I'm not a furry, but I think this fandom's got some really talented artists, and I'd therefore like to support it by commissioning someone. However, it seems like most art is, of course (given the nature of the fandom), cartoony. However, I'm looking for furry artists who also do other...
  9. Alaricat

    Looking to buy simple ref (budget: $50)

    I just got a character that I've fallen in love with named Maerwynn. She is a Borzoi Maned wolf mix in a Medieval time frame. Put simple she is the daughter of the queen and a commoner. Obviously king isn't too thrilled about her so she is sent to train as a warrior to die at a young age. After...
  10. Cosplay_dawn

    Tipping Artists

    I just recently commissioned several pieces of art, and all the artists I commissioned acted so shocked when I gave them tips. =_= I was previously under the assumption that this was a common practice... but apperientally not? So I just wanted to ask: what is your experience with tipping...
  11. NamiOki

    New to FA / Developing an Audience!

    Hey there everyone! I'm NamiOki and I'm new to the Furry scene! I draw mostly humanized, but I've recently been dabbling in the Furry style! I'm having a lot of fun and really enjoy the community <3 You guys are all so nice! Anyways! I'm here to plug my FA page and hopefully gain some friends...
  12. ColdSoul

    Wanted! Inexpensive, sexy commission

    Hi Peeps! I myself is a illustrator, but I also like to commission people too. I am looking to treat myself to a commission, unfortantly I do not have a lot of money as I have just graduated! Looking for a skilled artist to do a line art/sketch of a character of mine and Kai from...