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  1. Azelforest

    End of Year Sale 25% off

    Yooo! I’m advertising my own black friday / holiday sale! From here up until Jan 1st you can get in on these yummy deals! So check 'em out! X3 - 25% off on main commissions, reference sheets, redesigns / customs and SU styled commissions! [Small Sales is not affected by this] [LINK] -...
  2. Azelforest

    (Commission) Selling: ⭐Azel's Commissions! Cheap prices!⭐

    ✦ Azel's Commissions ✦ I can draw furries, ferals, anthro's, humans, humanoids, and then some! ~click on the banner to go to my website!~
  3. AntiopaChi

    (Commission) Selling: ❀ Commission open! ❀ (50-200$) SFW/NSFW (Partial payment available)

    Hello! How about good drawings, dear? (= ^ · Ω · ^ =) I want to bring to your attention my services of an artist! ~ What can I do for you: ❀ Detailed Color Art ❀ Reference sheet ❀ comic book Any fetishes, genders and fandoms! I will tell you everything in order! ❀ Detailed art Portrait - $...
  4. Fofurry

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions Open for Icons and Fullbody characters! 25$ - 100$|2 slots left| SFW and NSFW ❤

    Heyo!! Hi there! I'm opening commisions! yay!! :D Feel free to ask me any questions! This are some examples of cell shaded commissions~ For all the price rates, more examples and my TOS : TOS and Price Rates If interested you can DM me, or hit me up on discord Lucas Dalfovo#6669 Email is...
  5. FerAdami Lopes Adami

    January Commissions Open - ($20 - max HQ art $500)

    **Commissions Officially Open!** --- Slots --- 1- TAKEN 2- TAKEN 3- TAKEN 4- TAKEN 5- TAKEN 6- ---- 7- ---- . I can draw any species (humans or creatures/animals) ~ . Any genders and body types are acceptable ~ . Max turn around time: 2 weeks ~ . I always send wips and stay communicative ~...