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commissions (selling)

  1. tsubelle

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) $35 - $95 commissions! Sketch, flats, shaded. [SFW & NSFW.]

    hi there, I'm tsubelle! I'm a freelance artist who's trying to make art my main job, now that I've wrapped up school. my commission sheet offers prices, where to contact me, ToS and my process, but I'll link my FA and DA for easier access. I'm both SFW & NSFW friendly, and I really enjoy drawing...
  2. sonny

    commissions, adopts, and ych's available!

    hi everyone! im sonny, im fairly new to using furaffinity- hoping these forums can help me generate some sales! first off, this is my carrd, this is important to read because it has my tos at the bottom. before i do any sale i always confirm you have read my tos first. heres my carrd. ych's...
  3. Nudeus

    (Commission) Selling: ($50+) ★ Speedpaints and monochrome! ★

    SPEEDPAINTS! [$55 base! +$40 per added characters] [based on complexity] Here is an style I am growing confident in, but because I am practicing, am selling for *+:。.。SPECIAL。.。:+* prices! In addition to special prices, these pieces will be completed quite quickly! ★I will happily draw...
  4. Hampaslumpia

    (Commission) Selling: ($20+) DnD Furry Illustration Commissions! SFW and NSFW, will draw anything!

    Opening 1/4 Slots for Illustration Commissions! [PAYPAL ONLY] Scene Illustrations start at $60 +$30 per extra halfbody character + $40 per extra fullbody character Opening 2/4 Slots for Character Commissions! [PAYPAL ONLY] Scene Illustrations start at $20 +$15 per extra halfbody character +...
  5. InfernalTanuki

    (Commission) Selling: Name your price

    Looking to make some money, I do name your own price submissions based on what we agree upon and what you're willing to pay me. My gallery can be found on my 18+ only Twitter (message me for a link) But here are some examples
  6. ShadeofRae

    (Commission) Selling: Shade Of Rae's One Stop Art Shop! (open)

    Hello! And Welcome! My name is Rae you can find my Terms of Service here! I'm a free lance artist looking to expand my client base if you're interested you can DM me on the main FA site or here. (main site is probably better) I offer various forms of commission styles which you can see below...
  7. MysticMerle

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Cheap commissions open

    Hey! I'm a young artist trying to save up for a place of my own, and I'm able to draw almost all kinks and species. Some things I specialize in are transformation, hypnosis, inflation, vore, tentacles, and more. You can see examples of my work at furaffinity.net/user/nuskalion My current...
  8. crshrck78

    (Commission) Selling: Open Commissions: 30usd SFW/NSFW couple draws temporal offer!

    >Any Species (Human, Furry, semi-humans, etc) >Detailed background have's an extra price >I love draw tentacles, do not hesitate to ask me for tentacle commissions >I don't have taboos, just don't ask me for gore or mecha > Payment: Only Paypal I receive the payment once the detailed sketch is...
  9. paylette

    Taking Emergency Commissions!

    Hi. Still taking emergency commissions. Luckily my job paid me more than I thought they would, so now I'm just short $80 on my rent. I have: PWYW Commissions starting at $15: 5 slots open! Regular Commissions: 3 out of 5 slots open! $5 Busts: 5 slots open! Any little bit helps, thank you...
  10. PiedPipecleaner

    (Commission) Selling: Pied's Art Place {OPEN - $10+ - SFW} Sketches | Flat Color | Full-Color | Ref Sheets | Icons

    Pied's Art Place She/Her, Call me Pied or Quetz I'll draw pretty much anything as long as it's not nsfw, feel free to ask if you're not sure. _______________________________________ Commission Info...
  11. SystemSearcher

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) SystemSearcher's Symbolatorium and other Vector art

    Hello everyone! My artistic nickname is SystemSearcher, and I do vector art. And many other things on the side, but my main specialty is, indeed, vector art. I have been doing symbology for as long as I can remember holding any artistic implement in my hand, doodling Kamen Rider symbols in my...
  12. Hampaslumpia

    (Commission) Selling: ($50+) DnD Furry Illustration Commissions! SFW and NSFW, will draw anything!

    Opening 0/4 Slots for Illustration Commissions! [PAYPAL ONLY] Scene Illustrations start at $60 +$30 per extra halfbody character + $40 per extra fullbody character Here are some examples of my commissions: Terms of Service TAT is 2-3 weeks depending on complexity (prices will increase...
  13. Ramiel0912

    (Commission) Selling: ($25+) Cellshaded headshots!! (3/5 slots available) ^^

    First image: -One character = $25 USD -Two characters = $37 USD Second image: -One character = $40 USD -Two characters = $60 USD Feel free to DM me about any other requests! FA: https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/ramiel0912/
  14. DuckyDeathly

    (Commission) Selling: ($20+) Cartoony/Anime Commissions Open* ~ Can draw humans/anthros/feral/monsters/etc.

    Hi everyone! My name is Ducky and I'd like to draw something for you! I am open to one-off commissions and/or long-term freelance projects. I'm able to draw a variety of species such as humans, furries (anthros or feral), monsters, and more. Here is my pricing + examples: As the sheet says...
  15. Rilech

    (Commission) Selling: ($50+) Character Art, Reference Sheets, Vtube Model + Rigging [NSFW+SFW]

    Hello, I'm offering commissions! I primarily work with demon/more humanoid figures but am up for more animalistic head and face shapes/details. I will do both sfw and nsfw. I'm better with pretty, masc, and sexy characters than I am with "cute" ones. Vtuber model rates depend on the complexity...
  16. verfirutti

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) SFW Commissions open!

    I don't draw NSFW, fetishes/kinks, etc. The completion of your piece can take from a week up to a month. Payment via Paypal or Ko-fi. 100% prepayment To order a commission, please send me a note on my FA with your character's reference, what you want to see for the completed artwork.
  17. cinsyrly

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Comms – 50% goes to Ukrainians

    [CLOSED – I’m in process of making a different post for donation comms] Hi everyone, I’ve been open for commissions, this post comes with one update. For the near future, I will donate 50% from every commission to individual Ukrainians asking for help with money because of what’s happening...
  18. JilTheArtist

    Commissioners and Customers, meet here!

    Post here your price charts and your requests to meet your art partner and see your immagination take form here!
  19. Kakyoin

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) ♠️[EMERGENCY] Horror, Gore, Surreal Commissions

    Hi so I got scammed pretty bad and I need money so please consider commissioning me Donations and payments can be sent via Paypal Detailed Portrait: Flat colours, cel shaded with a simple background with effects Digital Painting: Fully coloured and shaded digital painting with detailed...