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  1. Horatio Husky

    Where to Find Me!

    With FAF closing down soon, I thought I might make a final post on how to get into contact with me. I specialize in personally written narratives, many of which contain themes in the ABDL genre as well as a variety of other kinks. If you're looking for a story tailored to your exact...
  2. Katana_in

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) COMMISSIONS OPEN

    Hello, friends! I'm opening commissions. Prices and information can be found on art :з In order to order a commission, it is enough to write to me in notes or in telegram You can find my works on my page FURAFFINITY Thank you :)
  3. EndoErean

    (Commission) Selling: [all type] Commissions

    hey guys! first time posting here :P I hope you're doing great. Im taking commissions! :3 I provide constant updates and attention and I work with paypal (half the payment upfront, the other half when finished) prices and examples below. Portfolio Ttos Only PayPal or usdt Payment...
  4. Just-Joeying

    New & Nervous [SFW Digital Artist]

    Hello there! My name is Joey and I am a queer self-taught artist from Canada who has only recently come out as furry. This is my first step into the community in an official sense (I was always lurking from the shadows and admiring the art and characters I found on other sites) and to be honest...
  5. OneMillionFurries

    (Commission) Selling: ($20-$160+) (3/3 Slots Open) SFW + NSFW + Fetish Art Commissions (Hypno, TF, Vore, Inflatables, + More)

    Welcome to... Dr. Luvstruk's Laboratory™! Be sure to wipe your feet at the door... Whether you're looking for cute and fluffy SFW art or weird and wild NSFW art, I'm your guy! Examples of my SFW art can be found under the spoiler. further examples of SFW, along with NSFW, and fetish art can be...
  6. pumpkinwyrm

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Doing comms to raise some money! (Fullbody/Headshots ● SFW + NSFW ● Digital Art)

    Doing commissions to earn some money! Apologies if I forgot any information needed/helpful, I am a bit new to this! BUT: I am doing fullbody commissions! (The post for Headshots and their costs is lower down!) I am okay to draw any anthro species, and I can do SFW as well as NSFW. I am happy...
  7. SingingOfWinter

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) EMERGENCY Song, Art & Writing Commissions! [OPEN!]

    Hi and thank you for checking my thread out! Due to a crisis with my family, I am reaching out for some aid and financial support, offering commissions. What do I do? I am an artist who can be very flexible. I draw, animate, write - and I also write and sing songs. This is perhaps what I can...
  8. LorienInksong

    (Commission) Selling: Can-can and Burlesque YCHs, Floral Frame Portraits/Icons

    Like it says on the tin I have two YCHs for my 'All the World's a Stage' concept Example of a different completed pose: And I have these lovely portrait commission slots for sale! I'm happy to make them functional icons as well, just let me know at the beginning of the work. ^_^ Thank you...
  9. Cherrypxw

    Hiring: Looking for any kinds of commissions! (SFW)

    Hi! I'm currently looking for any kinds of SFW commissions, so feel free to drop your examples and prices down below! I might not commission you right away, but I might come back to this thread later. I'm currently looking for art of my enderman oc (Minecraft haha) and some furry ocs...
  10. Cherrypxw

    (Commission) Selling: CUSTOM MERCH

    Cherrypxw’s Merch Commissions - OPEN Hiya! Interested in custom merch of your character? Now’s your chance to get some! Some general info: My T.o.S and other info can be found here! I take payment through PayPal, MobilePay and bank transfer (SEPA-area). I DON’T draw NSFW (suggestive is okay)...
  11. Ahro

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions Open! 1 slot left!!

    Form is here: >> https://forms.gle/vB2vox9yiBGfLGuw5 << Or you can note me here on FA as well with the below form copy/pasted. :) Pricing: https://www.furaffinity.net/commissions/ahro/ TOS: https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/6322771/ --- Form: Type of Commission: (Icon, Combined Icon...
  12. Iggyness

    (Commission) Selling: Iggyness' Commissions~! Can Do references/PNGTubers/Emotes/Etc!

    Iggyness Art Website! It has all the links! Hi I'm Iggyness and I'm a ferret on the internet who likes to draw and take commissions! I currently have two different styles I am working in: A pseudo anime cel shaded style for drawing digimon and a grittier painter style for everything else! I...
  13. tsubelle

    (Commission) Selling: ($50+) $50-$150 commissions! Sketch, flats, and shaded (SFW & NSFW).

    hi everyone! I'm trying to get back into doing commissions after needing to go on an extended hiatus for school. I sell sketches, flats, and shaded. I also do designs and references, but I normally don't post about it and do it upon request. I draw humans, anthros/furries, and animals...
  14. impendingsenseofdoom

    (Commission) Selling: $35 Reference Sheets and Adopts Starting at $5

    I'm still open for $35 mood board ref sheets! SOLD SOLD
  15. bluezcherry

    (Commission) Selling: sketch commissions

    Hello, I'm doing sketch commissions! Currently have TWO slots available, but looking to start doing commissions more regularly, so feel free to ask about future availability :3 Feel free to check out my furaffinity (in sig) and message me here or there, though I do prefer the email and telegram...
  16. DuskGecko

    (Commission) Selling: PWYW commissions ($5+) SFW only

    As the title says- How much you pay determines how much effort I'm willing to put into your piece. My Discord is DuskGecko#0220 . I take payment through paypal only. Examples below, Please DM me on discord with any interest and your character. I will not answer you through this thread, so if...
  17. ChiiShii97

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) Cute style commissions, varied species and examples! NSFW available

    I currently have commissions open, can provide more examples of backgrounds or anything really on request! NSFW examples also available! Feel free to PM me or comment if you're interested, but you'll get the best response through discord! @hannahbeeart #0189
  18. Nudeus

    (Commission) Selling: ($50+) ★ Speedpaints and monochrome! ★

    SPEEDPAINTS! [$55 base! +$40 per added characters] [based on complexity] Here is an style I am growing confident in, but because I am practicing, am selling for *+:。.。SPECIAL。.。:+* prices! In addition to special prices, these pieces will be completed quite quickly! ★I will happily draw...

    Varied Comms (1-50$)

    Hello, I have open commissions with many options (cellshading, lineart, pixel art, icon, painterly, etc). My info is here https://v4mpyr-commissions.carrd.co/ Pixel icons are the cheapest I can do humans, furries, monsters and can try feral. Here are examples of my art You can contact me via...
  20. Mov.exe

    (Commission) Selling: ($25+) Semi-realism/Illustrations Commissions

    Hello! Thanks for stopping by. My names Mov, and I do illustrations. My style consist of a Semi-realistic style, and mostly enjoy beefy masculine guys ^^’… (If this is what you hope in a artist, i’m your gal!) I’m not technically a Furry or Furry artist, but I can provide Furry Art though...