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  1. SaltyCery

    (Commission) Selling: 20$ Quick Painted Headshots OPEN 0/5

    I take paypal or giftcard! Turnaround time of 1-4 days. Example
  2. B

    Cheap commissions! Help me get more examples uwu

  3. Xyulihanx

    Sprigatito! <3 [WIP]

    I am currently working on this project and I am already happy how it turns out so far!!:DD Hope you all like it! https://www.furaffinity.net/view/46411987/
  4. Jahkailija

    (Commission) Selling: ($10-100+) Jennahe's Commissions [Open]

    Hello there! Welcome to my commission thread! You can find more of my art on my deviantart » Info - Payment is required when the buyer accepts the sketch, before I start rendering it fully (except with pwyw it's upfront) - I'm only accepting USD commissions at the moment - USD via paypal only -...
  5. Gioko Kun

    My Braixen!

    Hey guys!, here I share my version of Braixen, I'm drawing the starters of that gen, do you like it?:D If you are interested in a commission you can send me a private message! <3
  6. Gioko Kun

    Bambi girl

    ✨ Hey guys! I want to show you a commission that I finished recently, she's like human Bambi or centaur (?) >:0 ✨, do you like the result? ❤️✨
  7. edgardlops

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) ⭐⭐FurryValentine's Day Commissions Open!!⭐⭐

    Hello there !! ⭐⭐ I am opening emergency commissions for furry valentine's day !! ⭐ ⭐ My laptop broke up :'c so I need money to buy another one ✅Any gendr and species* ✅Payment via Paypal , Debit transfer* , debit or credit card ✅ Soft NSFW accepted* ✅ Digital delivery at 15 days at maximun* ✅...
  8. enby-hawke

    Commissions from $10-$90

    BLM Commission Journal No revisions except for color changes so please be clear with your descriptions and references. Only 1 hour will be spent on the drawing. You have the choice of a chibi or more my regular style. Will draw: backgrounds (extra charge depending), NSFW, furries/anthro...
  9. ErraticJolteon

    (Commission) Selling: Pride Icon Commissions! [$10-$15]

    I'm doing commissions for pride month! gotta gather some money for a few things. any money after I get everything I need will go to the BLM movement. I can also do other things such as busts and fullbodies, just message me and I can gather up a quote. $10 for flatcolour, $15 for shaded!!
  10. H

    Cheap Commissions open! ( 6-30+ dollar)

    I want to help talented artist so i'm doing commissions now. I have little over year experience and can do pretty much anything which is sfw (gore is okay for me) Here is few of my latest art works: [Raffle Prize] Celestial-RueOwO by HodgeValanze on DeviantArt Tomoe [First encounter] by...
  11. silkyfangs

    (Commission) Selling: I'm opening commissions! <3 (sfw & nsfw - $ 25 - 200)

    Hiya everyone! I'm opening 4 slots today. Feel free to check out my Gallery here on FA for more samples. Warning: several pieces are NSFW. I'll also post some sample art in this post as I update the thread. INFO: - please contact me through a Note here, a PM on Twitter or through email...
  12. KujoSutefanii

    (Commission) Selling: Anime/Manga art (Starting at $10)

    (PLEASE BE AWARE THAT ALL MY FURRY ART EXAMPLES ARE NOT UP TO DATE SO IT TODAY IT WOULD LOOK CLEANER LIKE MY CURRENT ART) **Yes I accept NSFW** Commission Pricing status: OPEN Prices are per character Sketch -Shoulders: $10 -Half-Body: $15 -Full-Body: $20 Lineart -Shoulders: $20...
  13. lady-penumbra

    (Commission) Selling: SFW/NSFW ($10-$50)

    Update 11/23/19 - New Frequent Customer Discount (Information listed in the Pricing Section) - - - Hello! Thank you for looking at my thread, and I hope that I can work for you in the near future! I'm currently opening my Commissions to help catch up some some medical bills that snuck up on me...
  14. OmgACorgi

    (Commission) Selling: 5$-100$ Commissions Open~

    Hi, I currently have commissions open. My usual turn around time is 1 day to 2 weeks. My prices~ I accept payments thru PayPal, Amazon Gifts cards, and sometimes even discord nitro :p My FA account: Userpage of OmgACorgi -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Some examples of previous commissions:
  15. Jaime Brown

    (Commission) Selling: Pride Chibi Commissions (ONLY $7)

    All month I'm doing a chibi special! Your character in Pride attire! Flat rate of $7. Extra Character is double. Message me if you're interested.
  16. strategyruins

    (Commission) Selling: Ref Sheets Open! Complex or Simple! ($35-40)

    My commissions are open once again! Feel free to hit me up on here or Discord (absolute shitlord#8177) to discuss specifics & payment. Simple: $35.00 / 1 full-body with 2 chibis, teeth & mouth, pawpads, and information. Complex: $40.00 / 1 full-body with 2 chibis OR 2 full-bodies front & back...
  17. Galaxseed

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions open !! Full body / Flat shade - 55USD

    Currently taking full body / flat shade commissions ! 5 SLOTS avaliable Starting April 1st! 55 USD each ! ( extra character is 20 USD each) WILL DRAW: HUMANS ANTHROS ROBOTS FANART CHARACTERS OC COUPLES WON'T DRAW FETISHES SELF PORTRAITS COMPLEX MECHAS COMPLEX MONSTERS FERAL If...
  18. doodlecat021618

    headshots commissions 5-19$ (OPEN NEED)

    examples below art by me character belongs to GigaBit 3 hours really need to get commissions I'm saving up for a comicon this month payment is through paypal
  19. werewolf-kun


    TEETH Icon Your Character Here Sale!! Each sketch is only $20 and gets you a fully colored and shaded icon of a character of your choice! Characters can be any species, any gender, feral or anthro! Simply comment below or note me if you are interested in purchasing one of the icons!! Will be...
  20. KynRen

    10$ Headshots

    Hello there! For those who would like to get some art or their fursonas, I'm open for headshot commissions. I do any kinda species but I'd need a reference or detailed charasteristics so I can get it right. If you'd be interested, HERE you can see anmyself example of my art (naturally, your...