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  1. Slowspider

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) Comms Open ;3;

    I'm having to take care of my sick cockatiels, and I'm wanting to get together to take a course, so I decided to open the commissions for those interested, if you want more information, you can visit the post on my tumbrl about commissions, and if you're decided to place the order, you can call...
  2. X

    (Commission) Selling: 5$ Headshots! feral/furry/dragon

    Hi! since I'm pretty new to FA I'd like to test the waters with a few headshot comms. 5$ (I will request from your PayPal) note: Some of these are fullbodies sorry I don't have much recent headshot drawings OTHER EXAMPLES: Most recent art/Deviantart note: headshots will be around 1000x1000...
  3. frizzled

    Headshot and fullbody comms open! ($10-30)

    Just figured I'd post this here, comms are open! I'd love to draw some fun OCs! Here is a link to my official comms info on DA --> INFO No NSFW. I draw furries, ferals, monsters, and humanoids. Examples of recent work:
  4. Roonie

    $10 Bust Icons [Moving Promo]

    Hey! I'm briefly opening up icon commissions because in the next couple of weeks I am really going to kick myself into high gear getting ready to move overseas with my fiance! (From the USA to the UK) I'll do pretty much any sort of fursona, gender, etc, just make sure you have a fairly...
  5. Atraxa_

    Icons [$25] and Busts [$35], two styles available!

    Thanks so much for looking! <3 Turnaround time: Less than a week Contact : -> Userpage of Atraxa -- Fur Affinity [dot] net -> Kastraz on DeviantArt -> Discord: Kastraz#9451 - NSFW is okay - Mech is okay - Visual reference required Style #1 Style #2
  6. OverFur

    Quality Commissions Made Affordable!