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  1. Ac-

    hi fa)

    helloo!!! its my first time in this site and i'd like find friends)
  2. Brymcha


    Hello! I have been on the site FurAffinity for 2 years, but I haven’t found myself an interlocutor. People with whom I am friends are my real friends and acquaintances, so I don’t have anyone to communicate with on the site. I'm from Russia. I am very interested in how people live in other...
  3. captain_morj


    Hi! I'm new here. I'd like to talk to someone. I want to hear something about you :) (previously sorry for my english)
  4. Leo Whitepaw


    Is there any furfaggotry servers I could join, I'm lonely ;w;
  5. Darkmane

    Community Owned Discord (FurWAN)

    FurWAN is a Wide Area Network built for furries, by the community. Our server is fully evolved around what our members tell us they want, and changes will be made based on their suggestions, and users voting upon those suggestions. We also aspire to have a friendly team to make your experience...
  6. Noctus

    Furry Discord Server

    Hello you beautiful fuzzballs, I am here to inform you about a Discord server I have created for furries to communicate with one another and meet friends. All are welcome here. This server contains SFW as well as NSFW, 6 bots, events, roleplay, gaming, roles to describe who you are, and of...
  7. Jayy-Dog

    Furry discord! W.i.p.

    We're a small group of furries looking for anyone to have chat with x3 we don't bite! Please read the rules before chatting! Discord
  8. OddOcculitist

    What ways can I get involved with the communiyy

    i want to get involved more, but my drawing is kind of supar now that I broke my tablet and that I don't really go/can pay to go to conventions. The community here looks small, but I kind of like that Are there any other sites to talk to people who love creating characters and like anthro art...