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  1. Chicken33

    Requests!! Competition

    Hi! I'm looking to do some coms eventually but don't really have much of a portfolio I'm thinking of doing a sort of competition Describe to me what you'd be interested in seeing and I'll pick my favorites and draw them absolutely free! So what's the catch? I'm only going to pick 3 My...
  2. Wolf-Snipe

    Looking for UT 2k4 players

    Hi everyone, few days ago i bought myself Unreal Tournament 2004 on Steam and i kinda wish to play with some furs(especially duels but i'm keen for some team modes too). If someone is interested send PM, when i'll eventually give link for Steam or Discord Tag.
  3. Redlinelies

    The art of controlling one self

    Do you guys ever play competitive team based games? I've played a few them and I really do not like how a big chunk of the player base is always toxic to the point it ruins the games for me. In this I don't necessarily mean smack talking between teams or trolling in the chats to bother the...