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  1. Zehlua

    Looking to buy a new PC laptop- HELP!

    1. Looking to buy a new laptop with a touch screen and enough processing power and storage to run Sims 3, Sims 4, and all the animation and video editing projects I do. I have an external storage drive (2 TB) that I'll need to move into it. Needs a DVD/CD/CD-ROM Drive. 2. Related, what can I do...
  2. Sinamuna

    Forum under endless maintanance on pc but not my phone??

    I haven't been able to access FA Forums for nearly an entire year because when I go to it on my computer it says it's under maintenance. Every. Time. Decided to try it on my phone this morning and no issues.what the actual frick is going on? :(
  3. AzureKiteUsagi

    Not So Tech Savvy

    Hey there everyone, I have a question for some of you computer loving people.... My Windows 10 desktop does not detect my CD/DVD drive. I've tried everything I could think of. I can't even find it in my device manager or control panel. I need the drive to work to install a WiFi USB adapter...
  4. N

    USB freezing system on new PC (and other USB issues)

    So I built a PC (it was my first build) a few months ago. It's a Windows 10 system. It's been fine for the most part, running fast and everything, but I've had one problem with it that seems to maybe be getting worse, and that's mainly with the USBs. A couple times now, seemingly randomly, when...
  5. M

    the Raspberry Pi 4

    The Pi 4 is out. Looks like it can support dual monitors and has options up to 4gb of ram. Think I might need to pick one up soon. arstechnica.com: The Raspberry Pi 4 brings faster CPU, up to 4GB of RAM
  6. Misha Bordiga Zahradník

    1TB Micro SD Card to be Available Soon

    amp.tomsguide.com: Now You Can Buy the First Ever 1TB microSD Card A great way to store all of that porn pirated content data that is important to you until you lose the fucker.
  7. Foxy Emy

    Look what I discovered 'bout my laptop!

    So, back in December, I got a brand new 14" Razer Blade laptop. One of the first things I did was customize the display settings, including the colors of the keyboard back lighting. I picked out a nice effect that looked like glowing embers. I didn't tweak it much because I liked the preset...
  8. Deathless

    What's your favorite Windows?

    What's your favorite Windows? Vista, 7, 8, 10, etc? I would say I really like Windows 10 mainly because of the speed and just the little things (being able to scroll while not on a window, the home menu not being fullscreen, the list goes on!) But before I got a Windows 10 computer, Windows 8...
  9. connortheskunk

    Should I buy this laptop?

    Hey everyone, My laptop is 5 years old now, and it is starting to break down, so I've decided to buy a new one. When I get my new laptop, I'd like to be able to run games at 1080p, 60fps on it AND be able to stream them to Twitch at the same time. Additionally, I'd like it to have Windows 10...
  10. Dakinu

    Investi-Gator: The cutest of crime solvers

    weneedbees.itch.io: Investi-Gator 2 by We Need Bees I'm kind of shocked that my search for this game on this forum turned up empty. [Talking animals, dude; I thought that was this sites thing!] I know it's a pretty small game, but it's funny for sure and I like it. Check it out if you need to...
  11. SootTiger

    Purrfectly Sooted

    Hello, I'm Soot. I'm 22 years young, and currently working at with local animal rescue groups in Southern Arizona. I've been rescuing animals since I was very young, and finally got the opportunity to work at a legitimate rescue and the humane society (for awhile). I studied Equine Vet Tech for...
  12. GigaBit

    Oldest Computers You Own

    This thread is pretty self-explanatory. Just post a picture and description(If you want) of the oldest computer(s) you own. I'm up first. My oldest: IBM Aptiva 350 from 1994 Specs: I don't know much about this computer. When I got it it was striped down bare. Leaving only the Floppy/Disk...
  13. Cloudyhue

    Do you use your phone or PC more for web browsing?

    Just interested. What are your opinions on the advantages and disadvantages of using each platform? Personally I'm usually on my phone when I go on here, just because its much more convenient and I can type faster. I think using my PC is overall a better experience, though.
  14. Protoshy

    Ofurwatch Discord Server

    I would like to introduce a furry Overwatch discord server, Ofurwatch. We are currently looking to plan a tournament and would love it if you guys could come and join us. We are also looking to include console players in our roster and possibly host a tournament for them as well. Without further...
  15. Angellothefox

    Ispring Bad allocation

    Can anyone help me please? I use Ispring to capture my computer screen as I am doing verious stuff like playing games or capturing a website and so on and so forth. Resently I have been discovering that all of a sudden Ispring will just stop at random points of the video capture and come up...
  16. binite

    Hyper-Cube (Game Idea)

    This is an update to my original HyperCube Game idea i had... The first was made in Game Maker and i hated it, so now i'm making it in unity. All models were made by me and in Google SketchUp, this is my first time using Unity... I got my Inspiration from the Movie (Cube2- Hypercube) Tell...
  17. metallic_canine

    What hardware are you using?

    Hey FAF! I'm new to the 'Forums but I thought I'd start getting involved here in the Tech section! I'm a Computer Science student, so along with that beautiful stereotype you can tell I've used a number of computers in my time. My question is, what kind of computer do you use? Go ahead and brag...
  18. Svulle

    Anybody play Runescape?

    First off I would like to apologize as I know there are probably a million threads like this, but I'm on break at work about to clock back in and was just hoping to meet some fellow RS furs. So who plays RS? :3
  19. Angellothefox

    What furry games can you name?

    What furry games can you name? these can be computer games or video games... ...or even board games... I know Kay is one a cute little tiger with a sword in his hand where the game location is based in china