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con advice

  1. kaeri309

    How real is 'bullying' at cons over suits?

    Hi, I've been wanting to suit at a con (non-furry) for a while, but due to time/money haven't been able to get a proper partial together. I also have health issues and want to test the waters a bit before waiting a couple years and paying out for a head etc, so I was looking at getting one of...
  2. JadenJackal

    Advice for young furs goin to a con alone.

    This year im going to be going to my second con but this time alone, last time I dragged my sister along so I wouldn't be alone, I had tons of fun but was super shy and was to intimated to talk to any other furs. This year I'll be going to canfurence alone, im just a little nervous cause im a...