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concept art

  1. OmgACorgi

    (Commission) Selling: OMGACorgi's Environmental art & Character art commissions

    Reviving the old times with forum usage. I'll try to make this a permanent thread. Hello. I'm OmgACorgi, a freelance illustrator from Venezuela. I work with fantasy themes like D&D and some sci-fi. I've been focusing as of late on paintery stylized environment art. ToS & Other pricing options...
  2. M.Rockatansky

    (Commission) Selling: 30% OFF FOR FIRST 3 BUYERS // High Quality Artworks by M.Rockatansky // 0/2 slots available //

    W E L C O M E . T O . M Y . T H R E A D I offer high quality commissions. From sketchy concepts and simple headshots to detailed visualisations and large environmental scenes: I'm excited to hear about your ideas! M Y . P R I C E S Here is my current price list. The numbers listed are for...
  3. Sinamuna

    Sketchbook: WIPs of my new persona redesign for 2022!

    Her name is Mew! <3 I adore her so far. What do you think?
  4. CinnamonSundae

    Hiring: ($150+) Hiring: Sketches, Concept Art, Character Designs

    Heya! My name is Cinnamon, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance! I'm not sure if I'm totally doing this right, apologies if I'm making mistakes or stepping on something I don't understand! Just a lovestruck amateur trying to push myselfmore and more out there to get my dreams more into a...
  5. backalleyatlas

    (Commission) Selling: Unique Artwork and a Handful of Discounts!

    Hey there! I'm Atlas! I've been making art for over a decade now and I've finally decided to try and join up with this community, which I've admired from afar for quite some time now. I keep all of my commission information organized on this page but I'll include a short summary and some...
  6. Vinfang

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Sketches - Concept Arts Edition - Custom Tattoos! (NSFW, GORE, ECT. FRIENDLY)

    Sketches Hourly Rate: $15/hour Single Sketch - $5/20min [ Full body / Detailed close-up ] **Minimum Price: $5 per OC** -50% Artistic liberty. -Live stream on Picarto. -Be specific, NO do-overs. -You get what you paid for. -Available in both traditional n digital...
  7. .wav

    Some old concept art for a comic idea

  8. Stacy Fabre

    (Commission) Selling: Selling Conceptual/ Commission Based Art (Starting at $50 - $200)

    Greetings! I'm new around these parts and am a scalie myself. I thought I'd offer my services to folx out there who want fursonas/ conceptual work with background/ dynamic poses/ stylized backgrounds etc. I'm a pretty versatile artist and here's a sample piece I whipped up in about 5 hours...
  9. IdleCanvas

    (Commission) Selling: Concept Artist Seeking Project $25+

    Portfolio, (FA forum friendly version) www.artstation.com: Idle Canvas Hi, I'm an industry concept artist seeking a project. Naturally paid work comes first as priority but small (1-2 month) unfunded part time projects may be considered. I'm not looking for one off "Design Your OC" etc, this...
  10. IdleCanvas

    Concept Artist Seeking Project

    Portfolio, idlecanvas.artstation.com: Idle Canvas Hi, I'm an industry concept artist seeking a project. Naturally paid work comes first as priority but small (1-2 month) unfunded part time projects may be considered. I'm not looking to "Design Your OC" etc, this is aimed at visual development...
  11. enotaca

    Sketchbook: Enotaca's Species Design/Concepts (Free to use)

    Hello! I'm pretty new to FA and furries in general, so I'll be posting my species designs here in order to flesh out what kind of style im aiming for as well as coming up with personal ideas of how to draw certain species of anthros, especially focusing less common species! Mind you, these will...
  12. S

    Hiring artists for Ebook covers and spaceship art.

    Hi, my name is Snekguy and I write a NSFW science fiction series, along with a few random one-off stories usually featuring mythological creatures and the like. You can check out my content here: Snekguy is creating Erotic Fiction | Patreon Userpage of Snekguy -- Fur Affinity [dot] net What the...
  13. SonieTheDog

    Redesign, what one's better?

    Alright, so I'm not one to have "all matching characters" but I have noticed a general design trend in all my characters. One character in particular, HoneyGather, breaks this trend. She just doesn't fit in. I don't want to get rid of her, so it's time for a re-design! PLEASE READ BEFORE...
  14. Nicefrog

    Nicefrog's Commissions - Avian, Human, and More! $5+

    Hi! I'm a student in California currently studying video game art! My specialties include illustration, concept art, costume design, and character design! I also have experience with 3D modeling, graphic design, traditional, and even more. I draw humans, anthro (Birds are my favorite!)...
  15. aykie

    (Commission) Selling: [N/SFW, ($25-$100+) PROFESSIONAL] Illustration, Character Design and Fanart

    Commission Rules EXAMPLES TYPES OF COMMISSIONS: I draw NSFW and SFW art! I work truly fast and I'm trying to make a living in a marginalized country (Argentina) with a very delicate economic situation, so tips are appreciated, and I'll love you forever :D
  16. ColdSoul


    COMMISSION GUIDE NOW 50% OFF ALL COMMISSIONS! (so that's 50% off the prices you see above) Hello! Good news I am now looking to rent my own home! I have been saving for a while but it’s still going to cost a lot of money to pay the tenant fees. So, for now, all commissions are half price to...
  17. Judah

    ❣Open! Drawing any character you wish (bust, full body, colored, ect)!❣

    Heya, I'm currently doing character/sona drawings for quick and cheap! Message me for orders, and please include this quick bit of info so I can get to your artwork as fast as possible. -Character Name(optional): -Full body or Bust: -Character ref(s): -Desired pose/expression: -Colored or black...
  18. H

    Commissions by hyuka

    Hi! I'm new to this board so I hope I am doing this right. I am currently taking commissions and here are my prices; Artstation and DeviantArt are Hyuka if you want a better look at my work, although I don't typically post furry artwork on these websites. My style is very painterly and...