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  1. HyperPolka

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) Commissions guidelines

    Hy peeps, I updated my commission guidelines for 2023~ - - Payment by paypal, over USD40 you can make two installments, one upon agreement and the rest upon delivery. - sizes are in pixels and are just reference, it might vary according to pose etc. every resolution is 300dpi. This applies to...
  2. ClovenCrown

    Fursona Concept

    I did a chibi concept for the design, trying to figure out how much I wanna stick with it before drawing a fullbody. Any opinions on it? Hog themed, yes will eternally stay sparklefur y'all can't stop me. If the hoodie doesn't seem alright, thankfully I can always just,.. draw this in different...
  3. B


    So apparently some folks advertise OCs to "breed" with other people's OCs in order to create an offspring that's sort've a hybrid of the two. Has anyone here done that before? What's your opinion on it? I personally think it's a fun idea but it's kind've niche and I don't know how to go about...
  4. NorthernRed


    AUCTION RULES: • Do not bid on auctions if you are unsure you can afford it • Follow the bidding chain • If unpaid within 48 hours after receiving payment info, design will be re-auctioned (unless a longer deadline is requested) • Fake bidding is forbidden • I accept: Paypal, (Transfter)Wise...
  5. NorthernRed

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Auction: SPECIES CONCEPT + FULL PERMISSIONS

    Hi guys, I'm new to this site/forum so my apologies if something is not according to the rules. AUCTION RULES: • Do not bid on auctions if you are unsure you can afford it • If unpaid within 48 hours after receiving payment info, concept will be re-auctioned (unless a longer deadline is...
  6. weblastwolf

    Redone design is recognized as worse than the old one [Help]

    Hello, this is my first post on this forum, nice to all I did a drawing about a year ago, and decided to fix it by redoing it and fixing the portions, so I sent it to some friends to see what they said, however they said that the old drawing was worse, and I couldn't understand why this is...
  7. Jopossum

    Is there any reason this wouldn't work?

    Pattern idea: see image. Fold along black lines so Seam A goes to other blue line and Seam B to other red line to form the legs, then sew in the stomach /chest. Zip can go along the side of the stomach piece. This way the minimum number of seams can be used and the whole thing can be cut from...
  8. .wav

    Man I wish this was an actual anime!

  9. .wav

    Some old concept art for a comic idea

  10. TalonR

    Critique: Unusual body suit crafting idea - would this even work??

    I currently own a partial fursuit (that I made myself), and have been thinking hard about making my first bodysuit. But I've had some (early) unusual ideas on exactly * how * to make it. Usually when I look up how to make a body suit, it's basically crafting a homemade onezee with some fur...
  11. IdleCanvas

    (Commission) Selling: Concept Artist Seeking Project $25+

    Portfolio, (FA forum friendly version) www.artstation.com: Idle Canvas Hi, I'm an industry concept artist seeking a project. Naturally paid work comes first as priority but small (1-2 month) unfunded part time projects may be considered. I'm not looking for one off "Design Your OC" etc, this...
  12. enotaca

    Sketchbook: Enotaca's Species Design/Concepts (Free to use)

    Hello! I'm pretty new to FA and furries in general, so I'll be posting my species designs here in order to flesh out what kind of style im aiming for as well as coming up with personal ideas of how to draw certain species of anthros, especially focusing less common species! Mind you, these will...
  13. M

    Building commission portfolio- requests pls!

    Hey, everyone! I’m an animation and illustration student with an interest in furs, but I haven’t actually drawn any in several years. I want to start offering commissions on this site at prices fitting my current level of skill and training, so I need to have legit pieces to use for...
  14. Yakamaru

    The concept known as "Lead by example"

    I will be introducing a new concept/idea about.. Once a week-ish or every two weeks depending on my schedule, as I am often busy most of the time. This week's topic is known as "lead by example". What is "lead by example"? Well, it is what it implies: You lead by example, using yourself...
  15. Nivaari

    How to decide fursona markings?

    Hi all! I was just wondering if anyone had any good suggestions for choosing fursona fur patterns/markings? I have an approximate colour pattern in mind, but it's the markings themselves I'm struggling with. I've sort of hit a wall and everything I try is just looking a bit off to me right now...
  16. ShamanSquirrel

    Creating a New Species

    First, I hope this is the right section to post this as I am new to the forums. I'm creating a new species that is based on equines and mustelids. It is a domestic animal. Attached is a rough sketch of the wild form (like a wolf is to domestic dogs). I plan on making more variations of this...
  17. Packmentality

    New sona design and ref semi-realistic timber wolf

    Hello everyone! I’m a new fur and just getting started.. be gentle! I have a pretty good idea for my sona however I’m no artist.. as evident by my icon.. and would really like some help with a few things to finish him up as well as have a reference sheet drawn up for him. What I’m looking for is...
  18. Eden Teca

    Input on my fursona

    I'm new to the community and hoping to get some input on my fursona Eden. She's a big cat mix of jaguar, cougar and maybe something else thrown in there. I'm still working on a full body concept but here is the bust so far. I really want a vibe of power, dominance and elegance but not some...
  19. Nicefrog

    Nicefrog's Commissions - Avian, Human, and More! $5+

    Hi! I'm a student in California currently studying video game art! My specialties include illustration, concept art, costume design, and character design! I also have experience with 3D modeling, graphic design, traditional, and even more. I draw humans, anthro (Birds are my favorite!)...
  20. MoguMoguArt

    New Deer OC

    Hii all! I came here to seek help from the experts on drawing anthro characters. You see, i draw human females regularly and i don't draw anthro that much (although i'd love to get into it more) Now, i happened to do an art prompt involving drawing whatever prompt the fursona generator gave...