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  1. Wheeze

    Anyone going to Anthro Southeast?

    as far as i know it's still happening this year, and i really hope i can go! i'd love to know if anyone else is planning on going! (ase's website; it's an east tennessee con!)
  2. P

    FAU 2019 Experiences

    Hey everyone! First time creating a thread. I was hoping someone else would have made one for after FAU, but I didn't see one. My husband and I went to our first FAU this year (second furry-con ever). We only attended for a few hours on Saturday, but we really enjoyed ourselves. :) I think we...
  3. driftingdragon


    Greetings everyone~ It's Drift coming at you with my most favorite questions. These are merely ice breakers, just because I personally would like to get to know everyone a little better. 1) How long have you been in the fandom? And has that impacted your view on furries? 2) What kinds of legs...
  4. Kordyne

    Comic Cons and Copyright

    I hope this is the right forum to post this.... I've attended comic cons in my home town for the past couple of years and, more than once, I've thought about setting up my own table to sell my drawings. What is putting me off, however, is the issue of copyright. I see so many tables selling...
  5. A

    Any cons in South Carolina

    I have no idea if there even are any
  6. Wap

    Plantigrade vs digitigrade

    Hello. What are your opinions on plantigrade vs digitigrade feet? What would your pros and cons for each be? Note: this question only makes sense for animal-like feet, not so much for human-like feet. While i was trying to draw a rabbit or a mouse character (EDIT: and a kangaroo) and i was...
  7. HellsBaby99

    Let's Get Friendly 18+

    This post isn't NSFW I just would prefer to make new friends around my age within the fandom. Hii I'm Connie but you can call me Panda if you like. I'm 23 and just recently getting more interested in the fandom and I live in Georgia, USA and would like to make some new friends and stuff. I'm...
  8. violetwood

    Poly Furs

    Are there any Poly furs in this community or ethical non-monog?
  9. devii-thefinickyfox

    Sakura-Con 2016??

    It's coming up in a few weeks, March 25-27, just wondering if anyone is going to be there? I really want to try and find some local furries.