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console gaming

  1. KD142000

    Any PS4 gamers out there?

    At this time, most people are indoors and bored out of their trees, so I decided it would be a good time to ask if anyone is a PS4 gamer around here? I'm more than willing to make new friends on the platform and hopefully game with them. That's if I have the same game they do or I can share...
  2. Mallo_partial

    Asphalt 9 racing club, anyone?

    Asphalt 9 is a car racing game for nintendo switch (and maybe other consoles) which has a club feature, i'd love to start a club for all the racing furs but i need confirmation that people are gonna join before i leave the club i'm currently in.
  3. GigaBit

    Post Your Funny Screenshots

    Just as the title states: Post your funny gaming screenshots! I'll go first: Codsworth. The Leggy Boi.
  4. Ashke

    Monster Hunter World

    Anyone as excited for this as I am? I've played the beta twice and it is immersive, beautiful, and downright fun in how challenging it is. Plus some old favorites return like Rathalos and Diablos.
  5. A

    The Basement (General Gaming Thread)

    "Hey there!" Welcome to the basement. We got everything down here! PC gaming, console gaming and even retro gaming! We even have people that just watch other people game! So come join us; talk, share and play! "
  6. Swivirx

    New gamertag wanted!

    I'm looking for a new unique gamertag that I can use for all consoles and PC. I'd like for it to start with an S, have less than 7 letters, be made up, and be easy to pronounce. Thanks for your consideration and I hope to hear from you all soon! - G
  7. T

    For Honor!

    Hi I'm wondering which furres are going to pick up For Honor and trying to decide which platform to get it on. I have PS4 (PSN: FoxyTorryn) and PC (Steam: FoxyTorryn). So as for the question "Will you pick up For Honor?"
  8. Kioskask

    Xbox 360/Ps3 gamers...

    Is anyone else here still using the last gen consoles??
  9. John the fur

    Good PS3 games on ps store?

    hello peoples I am looking for good ps3 Games. I like: RPGs SOME FPS's not all some racing some hack and slash strategy platformer I have: Worms revolution Batlefield 4 (well getting it when i have the money.) sonic the fighters Dust 514 my psn is: SLstc42