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  1. Anfractuous_Entities

    What makes a well-constructed suit?

    Hello! I'm a beginning fursuit maker, with maybe only three suits under my belt. As I progress, it's becoming more and more important to me that the suits I make are comfortable to the people who wear them! So, I need your help: what makes a good suit, in your opinion? From bread-and-butter...
  2. Ravofox

    Relatively cheap sources of 'fur'?

    Hey fluffbutts! I've been entertaining the possibility of making a fursuit head of my character lately, but I'm not really sure where best to look for a relatively cheap material that I can somewhat decently use for fur. I know that the most decent things like faux fur are typically pricy, so...
  3. TheBeaver

    Making Beaver Tail

    I want to make a beaver tail but I'm unsure what material I should use. My understanding the tail is kind of scaly. I thought the texture of leather (artifcial) would be a close match to how a beavers tail would look like. Anyone have any other ideas that would be a better option?
  4. Corvyn

    Zoroark Suit Construction Question

    So I'm slowly but surely piecing together a concept for a Zoroark suit, but I've run into a slight snag. This is the creature in question, in case anyone here isn't up to date in the land of Pokemon. Now, my question is what would you recommend I use to make that bead bit at the end of its...