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  1. Lorel

    Main Site Mature tagging for fetish art?

    I've been wondering for a while why numerous types of fetish art are allowed outside the mature/NSFW FA view. I mean.. the very definition of SFW is "I could open the site at my workplace without getting into trouble". So shouldn't all fetish art then be at least mature? Hyper, fatfur...
  2. zenmaldita

    Main Site How do I keep SFW mode on when I log in?

    I may be a whole adult, but I don't like it when I log in and the site is automatically in NSFW and I have to keep toggling SFW back on whenever I log in. This wasn't an issue before; back then if I log off at NSFW, I log in with that and vise versa. Now it's just BOOM! GENITALS D: I've looked...
  3. tato

    Ease of Multi Accounts

    So I have a few different accounts to filter the type of content I upload so as not to offend ppl with the different fetishes I draw. However, managing these accounts is REALLY annoying. Problems: -Logging into separate accounts means I have to go through that LENGTHY VERIFICATION PROCESS!! I...