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  1. Byzance123 Rauss Khan

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) 5 slots open (vore piece)

    Heya there I am now able to take 5 commissions for september. I will be focusing on nsfw content, especially butt. If you want a commission for your ocs or with one of my ocs, I accept. I am not planning to rise prices because I don't use tablet. Here are deals : 16 $ for Vore piece. => 14 if...
  2. Just_A_Tundra

    What's the limit?

    So, I have been posting a lot of art on my account. Although, I want to know where people would draw the line as to what would be acceptable in furry art. I don't necessarily want to go too far into detail, because I'm sure that the details may be a bit much. I just want to know, from my fellow...
  3. D

    Content Creators and Speech and Expression

    I've browsed twitter a bit, and noticed a trend that bothers me. I see many artists, especially popular ones, express views on topics that can be divisive and sensitive, and they are more than sometimes met with angry replies from people saying "I came for the art, not to hear your political...
  4. Bluekittie

    How should I label YT videos and brodcasts?

    Im not sure how to go about this... I Have thought about doing live streams on you tube while i work on creating my species. Idk if i should say safe for kids or not? like idc who see... and i honstly dont have watchers right now really.... chars designs will not be sexual or anything so just...
  5. I

    Is there a way to filter out content with certain keywords?

    Hello there. I am rather new to this site and have been quick to notice that some of the more popular categories (keywords) on the website are ones that are rather... unnerving to me. Is there a way for one to set up a type of content filter to block content with certain keywords from your...
  6. Ciderfine

    Content lacking artist merit

    Being a 3d artist for a long time and a photographer and art student In the past I am deeply worried about a rising trend of original and self creative content I am seeing on FA as of lately. I've been noticing a line of 3d animations that have been asset flipped or just smushed into SFM and...