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  1. Freia the arctic fox

    Admin Review: Our controversial fandom

    For most parts this is a very kind and caring community. Most furies I know are very normal looking people and in my experience furies are usually less viable in real life than people from other fandom's. When people think of furies they think of the cringe beings on the planet and for some that...
  2. Liseran Thistle

    Controversial Webcomics

    This is a thread detailing webcomics that have been deemed controversial from some past drama they have had. The first, and only, webcomic I know of that has had such a reputation is Floraverse (Or Seeds: A Mini Story) This webcomic had a lot of drama going on, and I don't want to post about it...
  3. Freia the arctic fox

    Thoughts on Yiff

    A topic that brought up from time to time is yiff. Yiff is something that is a larger part of the fandom than most people would like to admit. It's a bit of a taboo topic although many people here posses yiff art either it is of their own character or just some art they found that is to their...
  4. Umai Kitsune

    The Weirdest Question Ever

    Okay, I know this will likely cause some hell ,but I haven't been in the community very long and I'm genuinely curious about the topic of ferals and art in the community . I know it's not uncommon for some people to have feral forms or feral personas and stuff like that ,and I also know there...
  5. tato

    How to deal with sensitive topics & a call for tact

    What I love most about the furry community is that it's a niche that bonds so many different types of folks, from 'nerds' to business folks, blue collar workers, from young to old, so it always pains me to see furries create a civil war over politics- the one thing that even furdom can't seem to...
  6. Tuls Elbaroda

    First time sona - Artist help needed (controversial)

    Hello everyone! I'm new to the forum and was brought here because I don't really know where else to seek the answers. For years I had a problem of making my own fursona. Had 3 completely different species color schemes styles and never ended up happy with my creations. Now I decided to try a...
  7. AustinB

    Battlefield 1 controversy

    So a lot of people are complaining about Battlefield 1 at the moment because the new DLC features women soldiers in the Russian army. I can kind of get behind the controversy, since women soldiers weren't really a thing in the Russian army (at least in terms of trench style fighting), so I can...