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convention furry

  1. PaleoClipper

    What to do about the lanyard?

    Going to a local comic con, that's furry and cosplay friendly, and making my badge for it. I'm going in a partial, head pictured (Made by MontyDragon). But uh...what do I put on the back besides the QR code for my TickTock? Also, what else does everyone carry with them on their lanyard?
  2. Rexy


    Hewwo, My name is Rexy I just opened up a server it's brand new I was working with my boyfriend, Like a virtual Convention where people can hang out and have fun it is and will be a full SFW server. I wanted to have and help grow the community. It is a server discord server where the are vc...
  3. C

    Confuzzled travel plans

    Hey there everyone! So confuzzled is starting in exactly two weeks from now. I've paid for hotel room and everything. My only concern is exactly how to go about travelling to the Hilton. My plan is to take the train to Birmingham international station and then take the taxi service to the...
  4. SeanPTX

    Looking to start a Houston Convention

    Here is a copy/paste of an event invite I made on the Houston Phi Paw Facebook group. I didn't think to crosspost it here until tonight. Going forward, I'll add future meetings to this thread as soon as they are posted on FB. After an exciting time at TFF, it occurred to a few of us that it...
  5. kalid

    Who were the earliest performing bands/musicians in the Fandom?

    Lately, I've been searching for live recordings and/or music by a furry musician named CZG; I first saw him perform at a convention back in October 1994, and I even bought a vinyl record of his music. Unfortunately, I've since lost that record & it seems that his entire discography has fallen...
  6. A

    My First Fursuit.

    So, I did something impulsive and bought myself a fursuit off ebay. It's a beautiful pink husky and I had been watching it for some time. When it finally came down in price I decided to buy it. I am really nervous and excited at the same time. I wanted to ask what people felt like when they...
  7. FeatherGwynn

    Furry Conventions in Idaho?

    I'm curious to see if there are any furry conventions in Idaho. If so, where are they located? Thanks, I'm curious.
  8. Frindle

    What is Your Worst Convention Experience?

    Not necessarily exclusively furry conventions, just your worst convention experience in general! I made a journal about this and got some interesting responses, so I'm curious to hear what y'all have to share!