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  1. D


  2. Wheeze

    Anyone going to Anthro Southeast?

    as far as i know it's still happening this year, and i really hope i can go! i'd love to know if anyone else is planning on going! (ase's website; it's an east tennessee con!)
  3. Jojer

    What Was The Last Furry Convention Pre-Covid19 Lockdown?

    I’ll probably get different answers from different parts of the world but what were the very last fur cons that were able to happen before the pandemic became global and lockdowns occurred? list names and dates, please! I love watching the fursuit parades at cons and I’m curious to see the...
  4. K

    Furry Conventions in Kansas?

    Hello there! I am new to the fandom (still in the designing a fursona stage!) and was wondering if there were any Furry Conventions in Kansas? I know that there was one a few years ago but now I am not seeing anything? Thank you for your time!
  5. JustAKat

    (Commission) Selling: 20$ Badges (shipping Included!)

  6. SedgwickTapir

    (Commission) Selling: $10 Pronoun Badges!

    Due to popular demand I’m opening more slots for pronoun badges! These are only $10! For $5 more I’ll print, laminate, clip, and bring for pick up at TFF For $10 I will print, laminate, clip, and ship to you! If you are interested, please send me a PM or email at SedgwickTapir@gmail.com! Examples:
  7. TrinityWolfess

    Washington State Convention?

    Since Rainfurrest isn't anymore which I really wanted to go to but oh well. Is there convention that took it's place? I live in an area where there's no furries so being in the fandom is really hard. Everyone is usually in Spokane, Seattle or Olympia, which are 3+ hours away.
  8. A

    Any Conventions in Ireland?

    does anyone know if there's any furry conventions in Ireland or Northern Ireland?
  9. SLCMedia

    Essentials for Cons?

    Hotels are starting to phase out the small sample-size toiletries in rooms, and we all know many of us are sleeping multiple people to a room anyway, so it's always better for everyone to carry their own stuff for showering, etc. So my business partner and I came up with an idea: What if there...
  10. Shadowprints

    Red deer mini con october 25th - 27th

    Anyone going to this event? Its later in the month in red deer alberta, canada. Mite b cool
  11. DreyaCira

    First Con, looking for friends

    Heyo! I just got into the furry fandom this year, and I've bought myself a ticket to Furpocalypse. I'm really excited to go, and also nervous for several reasons. I don't have a single furry friend, I just haven't met any friends who are furries. I'm also an older adult, aged 30, and I know most...
  12. Throwaway

    So I bought a ticket to a furry con. Now what?

    I bought a ticket to a furry con. I now regret this, even before I go. I'm terrified of going and being spotted or it coming back to me. I'm especially terrified of having my picture taken on accident. This con doesn't do refunds. I'm all confused about how I feel about all this. Is this...
  13. Keefur

    FangCon 2020

    FangCon is having it's eighth convention and is in Birmingham, Alabama. The address for the web page is www.fangcon.com. I will be posting some of the art and updates here, like Furry movie posters, etc. The convention is from Feb. 5th - 10th. It has been said that FangCon is like what cons...
  14. FluffyShutterbug

    AnthroCon 2019 Experiences Thread

    AnthroCon 2019 was a fucking BLAST! So, I thought that it'd be fun to hear about some of the experiences everybody had while there. My experience there? Hehee, I had a TON of firsts. First time meeting my boyfriend IRL, first time watching Zootopia, first time getting drunk... It was an AMAZING...
  15. zenmaldita

    Furry Pinas 2019 - my booth catalouge

    Hi there~ Any Filipinos here? I'll be selling art and merch at Furry Pinas 2019 June 8-9 Bayanihan Center, Pasig, Philippines booth #17 All prices will be in Philippine Peso If you're interested in the stuff but can't attend, do tell me! I'm planning to make an online shop with...
  16. Lenzo

    Searching for a roommate during Flüüfff

    hey everyone So I'm searching for a Fluufff roommate and maybe a good friend before/after it. I live in Belgium (Oost-Vlaanderen), just in case you want to know. I'm still new to furry conventions and other things and I don't want to go alone just to come back early. Its my first convention, so...
  17. M

    Antrocon 2019 Looking for roommates

    Anyone going to AC and needs a room? www.furaffinity.net: ANTHROCON -- morpheuskibbe's Journal Drop me a line please. I'm a regular attendee and would like to split the hotel bill a bit.
  18. JadenJackal

    Advice for young furs goin to a con alone.

    This year im going to be going to my second con but this time alone, last time I dragged my sister along so I wouldn't be alone, I had tons of fun but was super shy and was to intimated to talk to any other furs. This year I'll be going to canfurence alone, im just a little nervous cause im a...
  19. Michael Harvey

    Blue Ridge Furfare Carolina's Furry Conventions

    Trying to get the word out about a new convention in the Carolina's this will be the convention i wear my fursuit for the first time Blue Ridge Furfare, or BRFF, is a new furry convention coming to Asheville, NC on March 12-15, 2020 Log into Facebook | Facebook https://www.blueridgefurfare.com/
  20. Jojer

    Tampa Bay KittyCon 2018

    So, yeah. This isn’t a legit furry con but I’d love to see furries invade and take over in suits. :p If you’re interested in checking it out, here’s the site: KittyCon Tampa Bay 2018/Cat Convention/Cat Rescue It supports animal adoption at least!