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  1. KemoNova

    Old members needed for this topic ! Let's talk about 80/90's-2009 old conventions !

    Hello ! Today I'd like to bring old members to a topic you surely already saw but let's dive into the real thing and tell us (to young 2010-today members) how was like to be in those old conventions back at in 80/90's-2009 area? I'm here to understand what activities was in anthro conventions...
  2. B

    Based on what you've seen and heard, how common is substance abuse in the fandom?

    I'm someone who doesn't drink, smoke, or use drugs (other than what is prescribed and only in the prescribed amount). I've heard some horror stories that took place at conventions and furmeets, and I'm wondering, is substance abuse an issue in the fandom? Should I be concerned? I'm okay with pot...
  3. Wheeze

    Anyone going to Anthro Southeast?

    as far as i know it's still happening this year, and i really hope i can go! i'd love to know if anyone else is planning on going! (ase's website; it's an east tennessee con!)
  4. driftingdragon

    (Commission) Selling: IRON ARTIST: $15 Badges

    Hey everyone! Driftingdragon here with a super awesome IRON ARTIST SALE! Get yourself a badge marked down over %50 compared to artwork of this quality! I'm doing ONE HUNDRED SLOTS So come get them while they last! Contact me at... Telegram: Driftingdragon Discord: Driftingdragon#2136...
  5. ReeseCapeesh

    I'd like to make some fur friends! ^^

    I want to make some friends so.... online is okay, if it's all that I've got, but it'd be super cool if some of you are local. ;w; I live in Sugar land, TX (greater Houston area) if anyone lives close by. I am an anime fan before a furry, and an artist before everything. :D I love music, its...
  6. AwoDee

    Suggestions on How Much to Save Up?

    Hey there! Was looking to potentially go to a convention or two in '19 or '20, so I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how much to save up. Was already looking @ 500$ as bare minimum, considering transportation, food stuffs and cost of badge n hotel room. Wouldn't be surprised if the...
  7. A

    My First Fursuit.

    So, I did something impulsive and bought myself a fursuit off ebay. It's a beautiful pink husky and I had been watching it for some time. When it finally came down in price I decided to buy it. I am really nervous and excited at the same time. I wanted to ask what people felt like when they...
  8. Paprika Gremlin

    Being a minor, but not being able to tell, what I'm worried about.

    Hi, I'm Paprika. This year I got my first fullsuit at age 16. This year I'll be wearing her to two conventions; an anime con and a fur con, both in Texas. However I'm scared. I've heard stories about some people being a little too touchy, about asking weird things and such. And even...
  9. CreatureOfHabit

    Words of Encouragement

    I don't ever want to stop drawing. It helps me a lot with my anxiety and is basically dream fulfillment. I want to be professional and do this for a living, but I can't escape the feeling that I'm just not good enough, no matter how many people tell me I am. I'm sure we've all experienced this...
  10. haillin

    The new guy, from CT. :)

    Hey, I’m hailln. New furry from CT. Thought I’d make an intro post! I’m a young guy in his early twenties who will no longer give other people the power to dictate my life, the things that I do, and the things that I love. The biggest thing on my mind lately, that I love, is the furry...
  11. S

    Inexperienced and a little bit confused

    A while back I was asked by a few friends to go along with them to Eurofurence (coming up this August), and I ended up agreeing to join them. Conventions aren't really my scene, but I thought if we wandered around casually and mostly did our own thing (possibly take a train into some other parts...
  12. JoeStrike

    "Furry Nation" publication date rapidly approaching!

    Furry Nation, my history of the fandom will be published as a Nook/Kindle eBook on September 10, then as a paperback on October 10. I've been working on this sucker on and off since 2008, give or take a year. Being a "greymuzzle" I was lucky enough to stumble into the fandom in 1988 when...
  13. T

    Confuzzled 2017 - Furry Veterans and Newcomers Welcome!

    So I know it's five months until Confuzzled 2017 (May 26-30) starts officially, but tickets are selling like hot cakes, so there's no better time to get the word out about it. Just in case you haven't heard of it, it's in the UK, and it'll be held at the Birmingham Hilton Metropole. So, who's...
  14. B

    Sharing Music Through the Fandom

    So I've grown curious of music made by and/or for furries and it got me wondering: how does one make his music known in a fandom? dumb question, right? How does anything get popular? I at least know how drawn art and crafted suits can amount attention. the visual arts is an important part of the...
  15. DumbDeerGurl

    Setting rules for yourself when attending cons?

    When I go to cons of any kind , i set certain rules for myself before I even step out on the floor. I was wondering do any of you have rules that you set for yourself to make sure you have a good con experience? During my first fur con. My main one was no drinking alcohol.
  16. Elf-cat

    Increase security in furry breakrooms

    I suggest that someone to take it into their own hands to increase security in the furry breakrooms of all conventions and have hidden cameras installed without the knowledge of any of the fursuiters except for the fine print of the flyers and information pamphlets upon entering the convention...
  17. Shaloxeroligon

    Best Time to Fursuit During a Con

    So at AC this year, I fursuited more than I ever have before. It was a lot of fun. But, and this is the point of the thread: there weren't a lot of other suiters around. When I was out, most other suiters weren't, and when I wasn't suiting, a lot of suiters were out. This disappointed me, as I...
  18. Daven

    Oklacon 2016

    Is any one going to oklacon on the 17th of July
  19. driplo

    new porn mag

    hi guys!! im just starting out making a zine with nsfw art made by me and other artists that i think are amazing, it's more in the vein of alternative art that you dont see very often. i wanna know what you guys think so far! i'm very new to making anthologies and going to cons to sell things in...
  20. DumbDeerGurl

    My firt Fur con experience (Furlandia 2016)

    I just recently attended my first furry convention this year, in the land of Portland. I have so say, it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. This was the first con that made me feel generally welcome. Everyone was so nice, and there were so many fun things to do. It changed my...