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  1. Vanessa Howl

    The "Dinosaurs Are Cool" Thread

    Dinosaurs are cool. I know this. You know this. Let's talk about it. What is your fave dinosaur? What is your fave movie about dinosaurs? What is your fave NOT movie about dinosaur? Do you have a dinosaur fursona and if so, who are they and what are they all about? Dinosaurs are cool SO...
  2. Sodasats20

    My discord is working again!

    If anyone wants to rp, just dm me Probably won’t be on there as much as I was before, though
  3. Sodasats20

    I will be in art fight

    Just so everyone’s aware
  4. B

    Request: A very important request

    I adopted this beetle/cockroach hybrid named Penelope and she's very wholesome. The artist is hg_nly. Look at her: Very epic, queen. Slay. If you could draw my epic beetle that would be epic. Bless.
  5. Nexus Cabler

    Wow, That's Interesting

    I'm wanting to make a miscellaneous thread dedicated to us sharing anything fascinating or cool that we know/find on the internet. This includes photos, stories, facts, trivia, art. Anything that you can find. I'll be contributing myself using examples I find from a telegram channel I'm in...
  6. Nexus Cabler

    Share your favorite Discord emojis!

    Pretty simple, if you can, copy and paste emojis you love to use from servers on discord. Bonus points if it's funny! Rules 1) Must be SFW 2) Nothing that's clearly political or obviously offensive I'll start with one I tend to use a lot. It's titled :harveyjoy:
  7. OstrichAdopts

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Set Price Canine Adopts (€15)

    Price - €15 each This base was made by Shinzessu! FA link - www.furaffinity.net: Canine Adopts [ 3/3 OPEN ] by OstrichAdopts
  8. attakai-yuki

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Cool Girl ADOPT (SB: 40$)

    SB | 40 USD AB | 100 USD |Rules| - Payment by PayPal only within 24 hours after the end of the auction. - Full-sized art without a watermark will be sent to the buyer after the full payment. - Do not sell the character for a higher price if you haven't added something (like a new art). - Please...
  9. Simo

    Temperature at which you prefer to drink water

    I've noted one thing about drinking water, something I tend not always to do enough of: and that is, it has to be ice cold, or I lose all desire to have any, say, unless I've been hiking, and parched, or some such thing. But otherwise, it's gotta be in a glass full of ice, or very, very well...
  10. NoahGryphon

    Fursuits with kevlar built in?

    An idea iv had for a while is a fursuit with ballistic-grade kevlar sewn into it, so it would be bullet and shrapnel-proof if anything bad ever happened. what do you think of the idea? (and it would be intended to still look normal, the kevlar would be under the fur and stuff)
  11. dogryme6

    A Simple Question about Teen Titans.

    We all know how polarizing Teen Titans Go is. It's mindless humor with just about every kind of crappy joke thrown into it, and it's utterly shameless in its own representation. But we all already know this. Some like it, many hate it, and I feel neutral about the whole thing. What I don't like...
  12. RemedyKun

    Stoner Furry Groups?..

    Looking to bring together the ever rising Furry and Weed community x3
  13. lajm


    Anyone else digs Lamezone/shit by Cate Wurtz? It's basically one of the only furry webcomics that I can enjoy. Lamezine and Smokes must be my two favorites tbh. I simply love em'
  14. Gangsta Fox

    What do you guys think of an Art Storage

    This is an idea had taken from DeviantART and thought it would be great if you would apply it here. I would like to ad an art storage. Let's put a storage for art here, let's say you had a picture you liked but it's inappropriate or unwanted on the gallery. And you want to keep the score of how...
  15. Naosrain

    Some Art of Mine ^u^

    I will be posting art and WIPs that I have as I have them. I am hoping this can be a place where i can get some critiques so i can keep improving~
  16. OpticFurry

    hay guys ^#^}/ I'm new and I draw nsfw

    lol ...um hay soo first time on the thread .. my name is Opticfurry.. lol but you can just call me optic um Yea so if you wanna check me out and be friends i'd love to chat and share artwork also if you want to know abit about me just ask . - 20Yrs old -Anime fan/artist Hentai fan/artist...
  17. RinkuTheRuffian

    Creepy flesh robot from hell

    This is some Metal Gear/Half Life shit. Imagine war machines made out of the flesh of fallen soldiers... NOPE.
  18. Candy Corn

    I really need help.

    Candy Corn is rollin in! I live in Boise, ID, but there arent many Furries around here... not to mention conventions. Do any of you live in Idaho? I need friends... especially fellow furries.