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  1. ZanyAngel28

    *pokes u all*

    Heya everyone! I’m new to this but I want to get to know people and there fursonas which is why I’m here! Also to get my artwork out there into the world. I go by Zany or ZanyAngel and I hope I get to know all of u more! Don’t be afraid to message. This is my FA link so u can watch me if u...
  2. wumblebum

    WIP - Corgi Butt (semi-nsfw)

    It started out as a bit of a joke, because I love corgis and there's that joke going around about their cute butts. u_u I'm still trying to think of a name for this new OC before I colour him. Any suggestions? LINK - (it's suggestive so just being safe!)
  3. Andie

    uwu I'm Andie!

    hiiiii! My name is Andie and I'm new to the furry fandom! I've known about it for years and I've recently come out as a furry. I love to make new friends, play video games, read web comics, watch cartoons, and write stories! I'm kinda shy at first but I promise I won't bite XD
  4. Elysia Martinez

    Corgi Adopt $12

    PayPal or DeviantArt Comission (1500pts)
  5. Fertseshoy

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Feral/human hq chars with arts! 20$ each

    Hello! Feel free to PM me and we will discuss all details. I accept payments on paypal only! Corgi adopt: www.furaffinity.net: Corgi adopt - OPEN! by Fertseshoy Price: 20$ I have also set two rules on the character, however I suppose they're quite simple (?): - please inform me about new...
  6. Mosie

    Sky Blue Corgi Auction

    Hey peeps! I posted this bud on da first, but he didn't get the love he deserves. Now he's here! Also he's my first digital art piece so maybe people weren't into me experimenting :,D Starting bid is 10 dollars, with the minimum increase being 5 dollars. Auto buyout is 40 dollars. I will only...
  7. Azulunae

    Corgi Girl Adopts~

    I'll be making one more batch of these, probably~ so if you're interested in the lines but none of these three, keep a look out! ^u^ I will do custom designs for $12-$28 on the lines depending on complexity[I'll give you a quote before any decisions]! All info in the post for these gals applies...
  8. Amber_Sakura_Wolf

    Need some help

    Hey guys. I’m trying to get supplies to make my first ever fursuit, but I have no clue what color fur to get. I’m gonna use the Shannon Favrics brand on the shag faux fur. I’m undecided bween two colors, camel and the neon yellow. Camel looks like a natural color, yet it feels too light, but...
  9. Amber_Sakura_Wolf

    New Furry With a New Fursona

    Hello everyone, I have officially called myself a furry and am willing to be accepted into your community. I've been worried about joining for years, and I finally decided to join the fandom. I have also created a fursona a couple years ago which I created as a wolf/corgi mix. I'm unsure if...