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  1. B

    I've made the decision to stop calling myself a furry.

    I'm going to call myself a fuwwy instead. uwu
  2. F

    Corrupt admin behavior.

    Is there no actual way to report such things? I get insta-suspended if I even try to use the trouble ticket system, and the email doesn't seem to go to someone else, as I get an instant reply that they agree with the suspension. Feels like they are either all corrupt, or I'm being harassed by...
  3. F

    Xbox 360 hard drive recovery

    Hey guys. I'd like to ask for help if you can offer it. I was trying to update my 360 one day and it got restarted during the update. So, now the hard drive is corrupt. Unfortunately Microsoft doesn't support 360 repair anymore, so they couldn't help much. I know plenty of people are way more...
  4. Katriel

    Devilishly Cute Adoptable(s) ($12)

    Drawing some themed designs for adoption sounded fun to me, so I started off with an impish weasel: Claim Here I do plan to draw other cute corrupt critters coming up, so stay tuned. Ask about any you might want to see! (Or commission whatever pet you want, of course.) Selling these...