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  1. Nexus Cabler

    What costume is the user above you wearing?

    Tis the month for spookiness! That means wearing a fantastic costume, but what exactly? :pThe user below will decide :p So that begs the question....what am I wearing? :0c
  2. Yacare

    (Commission) Selling: Halloween shitty costume sona commissions! (25$)

    Hey y'all! I'm opening some quick commissions for halloween I'll draw a colored portrait of your sona (up to the hips/knees) of them dressed up in a shitty costume for halloween, such as these ones: I just need some kind of reference drawing of your character, and what should be their...
  3. Kalypso Kallista


    I know I am c: I still can’t decide on what I wanna be this year o: What are you gonna be?!?
  4. Saltamor

    Open commission. Half realistic, cool style. You will not regret )

    Hi:) I'm open to the commission. I draw everything and can fulfill almost any of your orders in excellent quality :) My works you can see on the link below :) My prices are very flexible, write to PM for clarification. If the prices are too high, I can pick something more suitable with low...
  5. KyooTea

    What are you being for Halloween?

    I haven’t been on here in a while, recently moved across the country. I’ve missed you all! What are you doing this spooky season? I’m thinking of being Bulma from DBZ.
  6. Deathless

    Halloween Costumes/Plans?

    I usually make a thread every year on some kind of forum of what people's plans are for Halloween! Since I've become very active in the last year I've decided to ask! What are you gonna dress as? Do you [still] go trick-or-treating? I plan on hanging out with my friends and dressing as a demon...
  7. A

    My First Fursuit.

    So, I did something impulsive and bought myself a fursuit off ebay. It's a beautiful pink husky and I had been watching it for some time. When it finally came down in price I decided to buy it. I am really nervous and excited at the same time. I wanted to ask what people felt like when they...
  8. Lunafleurr

    Adoptable Auction Board

    Hi, everyone. I have several adoptable outfits up for auction. Please check them out and check back as I will be posting new designs here as I complete them. Have a great day! :)
  9. Ziaki

    Tails for Sale

    All of the Following Tails are For Sale. Blue tail has been sold. All of these yarn tails are for sale at the price listed below them. As they are not custom orders they are priced SIGNIFICANTLY lower than my custom commission rates. Prices do not include shipping. If you are interested in...
  10. TURSO workshop

    Fursuit Parts & Supplies

    Greetings! We're a two-person team working on fursuit parts and supplies. Both of us has been working on personal fursuits for some years, and we'd now happily share our expertise with the rest of the fandom! Need some resin eyes? Silicone parts? Does your project need a custom part modeled...
  11. SlinshotPup

    Costuming Ideas (non-fursuit)

    **originally posted in the wrong forum*** Disclaimer - I am not a Furry so please forgive me if I get terminology wrong. I am looking for ideas/inspiration/designs for costumes that mimic dog breeds but are not full fur-suits. This is for a black-tie event with an "American Kennel Club" theme...
  12. SlinshotPup

    Non-Suit Canines

    Disclaimer - I am not a Furry so please forgive me if I get terminology wrong. I am looking for ideas/inspiration/designs for costumes that mimic dog breeds but are not full fur-suits. This is for a black-tie event with an "American Kennel Club" theme. They can use body suits, g-rated skin...
  13. KushFox


    Alright, fursuit makers. I'm new at asking for help about fursuit parts and commissions, so I need help. I am looking to have high-quality fox ears made that are preferably invisible banded or clip-on; and light up. I would like a specific design that I can map out for you were you to be...
  14. Impulse-8

    Website to buy Vault 13 or 101 costume?

    Can anyone on here suggest a good website where I could purchase a Vault 13 Jumpsuit costume from the first Fallout video game? If not that, then a Vault 101 costume since I started with Fallout 3, anyways.
  15. Wonderland_Rabbitt

    Fursuit makers?

    Hello I'm new to furaffinity. You can call me Eris, Anput, or Levana. I make costumes, so I did all my research, ordered materials and started work. I created a head and it didn't turn out bad for my first attempt at all but it's still certainly not the greatest thing in the world. I have no...
  16. fralea

    Ballet YCH (flat rate) + fetish YCH (auction)

    Scroll down to next post for info about the fetish auction. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ballet YCH- closed. questions? want to order? email me at commissionfralea@gmail.com YCH colouring examples: Thanks for looking! Have a great day.
  17. L

    Attaching a Squirrel Tail Partial?

    Hello all, I'm not really new to cosplay but I am new to fur-related cosplay. I managed to build a squirrel yarn tail that I thought was going to hold up a lot better on its own than it did and now I have no idea how to make it attachable. Sorry for horrible image, it's not 100% done I need...
  18. Elf-cat

    Yoah-cat costume 1.5

    What's your opinion of my assembled partial fursuit? www.furaffinity.net: Yoah-cat costume 1.5 by Yoah-cat It's my first one I've ever assembled. All I need to do is add a scarf and a black and white bendy feather duster tail.
  19. SpunSugar

    Halloween Fur Badges $35 FREE US SHIPPING!

    What does your fursona want to be for Halloween? Whether you want a head shot or bust it is $35 with FREE shipping in the US. Your badge will come on a pretty gold chain along with a jack-o-lantern charm that you get to choose the color of (no more than 3 colors please). The second photo below...