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  1. BabyBunnyBoy

    Beware: Kink Ahead! (mxm, fxf, mxf)

    Hey howdy hey - If you recognized the acronym in the title, I'm glad to see it caught your attention. I'll likely be around and able to reply at least a little bit on a mostly daily basis, though the times I will might be a bit scattered depending on my mood. It's worth noting I typically tend...
  2. Kalypso Kallista


    I know I am c: I still can’t decide on what I wanna be this year o: What are you gonna be?!?
  3. Mekiu

    Who makes great paw gloves?

    I'd like some makers to keep an eye out for. Stuff that'd work good with a Mink character. I'll look stuff up and ppl aren't open for commissions or the account's gone or when they just make and sell they're sold out by the time i'm lookin for em. jeez On top of that it's been a long time.
  4. xxokamishinaxx

    Implementing follow-me eyes into a flat(ish) mask?

    Before I go about asking my questions, I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm a newbie here, to the forum and the grounds of the fur suiting experience alike. I'm not an established furry so to speak, but I certainly do love the furry fandom and have been influenced by many a great fur suiter...