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  1. EapingEagle

    Costuming Difficulty

    I'm thinking of making a costume. I was wondering how hard these costumes to make (These are the costumes I wanna make)
  2. Dearg

    (fursuit update)My monster maker armature came today!!

    These forum post will be a series of updates for my first time making my fursuit Update 1: I just got my "ed head" today in the mail, very exciting. now I can start on the fursuit head base. This is something that is not really necessary but highly recommended for making the fursuit head...
  3. crystallinecanine

    Any advice for a disabled furry?

    I'm going to be fursuiting for the first time at a large scale convention, Phoenix ComiCon this year but there's an issue I didn't have to deal with last year. I use forearm crutches to help me walk now and I'm not sure if it's going to be okay to have a fursuit and walking sticks... I already...
  4. crystallinecanine

    First Fursuit Head Progress!

    Watch as a mediocre quality head becomes something good! (I can't call it great because I'm not an experienced fursuit maker, but it's good for a first.) I've placed a censor on my face to preserve any dignity I have left since embracing my true fur side... Here is the character concept...