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  1. kimuyukix

    Hiring: ($75+) Hiring for highly detailed absurd res commission (CLOSED)

    Hello! My name is Haru, and I am hiring for a highly detailed, absurd res portrait of myself and my mate playing around on a couch, among others, in a common room lined with TVs, couches, and other luxuries such as pool tables, ceiling fans, etc. To clarify, we are hiring an artist, and we're...
  2. Rant

    Worried about my new dog

    So i now have a 3yo border collie. Shes smart and sweet but for some reason she fears the couch. Like, will not walk past it, stares at it from the other side of the room and even cries when I'm on it. Wtf can I do about this? Shes not afraid of any other piece of furniture we own, just this...
  3. twilightakamar

    YCH Auction, Holiday ladies

    Two figure, YCH auction. Starting Bid: $40 Minimum bid increase is 5$ Autobuy: 100$ (one can hope) Auction ends 11-24-16, at 8pm cnt. (or roughly around thirdsies of pie). Please bid at www.furaffinity.net: YCH Holiday Ladies by Twilakam