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  1. MagnusLucra

    Considering Moving to a Small Town

    I've been living on the edge of big cities for the majority of my life and just dealing with a long commute. With 2020 being as disruptive as it was, my work has transitioned to be 100% remote. So I've been thinking of getting a piece of land, and moving out deep into the woods, and become more...
  2. C

    Level a country's stupiditly

    It is simply based off the Predators and prey thread game. Rules are simple. It goes: (Country's name) is 1 level stupid (Country's name) is 2 level stupid (Country's name) is -1 level stupid (Country's name) is 1 level stupid The stupidest wins with 20 score, and the smartest wins with -20...
  3. Dream_Merchant

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Equine & Flag Slots Available ($15 each)

    Submission here: www.furaffinity.net: YHH & Your Flag - Multiple Slots Available by Dream_Merchant Get your equine character holding their personal flag! Could be a pride flag, country flag, breed flag or any other flag you'd like! See the original submission linked about to claim a slot. My...
  4. 1

    Your country doesn't exist anymore

    Where else would you go live? I've got a certain fascination with Great Britan myself. A quiet place in the countryside might be nice
  5. Guifrog

    Country curiosities

    Seems every new post idea of mine for the Useless Facts thread turns out to be a Brazilian fact, so I thought I'd give this theme a more specific place. Feel free to share any quirk about your home land here. :>
  6. D

    Travel Tips

    Hey everyone, I wanted to join the forum because I wanted to seek out some advice and maybe make some new friends along the way. So my boyfriend, outside the US, wants to come visit me but is scared because of the current laws and regulations and general performance of any-travel related...
  7. Moar Krabs

    Where should I go?

    I'm currently deciding on which country I should go on vacation to. Croatia or Australia?.
  8. Akartoshi

    (Location) furries

    I've recently been seeing a lot of threads with "Any furries around MD / Oregon / Alaska / etc." so I thought it would be a good idea to compile them all into one thread... or maybe not. So, I'll start. Any furs in the Caucus region? (Georgia, Armenia, Southern Russia) If not, post where you...
  9. Akartoshi

    Where are we all?

    Just curious where furries across the globe are, which countries we live in and what languages we speak. I'm curious if furries are a western thing only or if we've got members from every corner. Tell us a bit about your nation!
  10. Arck

    Anyone from Central Europe?

    Anyone from Central Europe? What country exactly are you from? Double points if you're from Poland :)