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couple art

  1. crshrck78

    (Commission) Selling: Open Commissions: 30usd SFW/NSFW couple draws temporal offer!

    >Any Species (Human, Furry, semi-humans, etc) >Detailed background have's an extra price >I love draw tentacles, do not hesitate to ask me for tentacle commissions >I don't have taboos, just don't ask me for gore or mecha > Payment: Only Paypal I receive the payment once the detailed sketch is...
  2. princeling

    Hiring: Humanoid Artist

    Hello! I'm looking for an artist that can draw humanoids rather than just furries, and is comfortable with LGBT and pregnancy themes. Without giving too much away, I'm searching for a knee up coloured sketch piece that costs no more than $30 and features two characters. Higher prices are welcome...
  3. Hikarty

    (Commission) Selling: ($75+) Looking for NSFW couple art (humanoid)

    Hello! I'm currently in one of those moments in life in which you really need art for specific characters and are lucky enough to be able to spend a little money. Not sharing in public character refs but they are human/humanoid characters (think of humans, elves, tieflings, halflings and the...
  4. Cultro

    (Base/YCH) Selling: I'll never let you go [20/30$ Flat price YCH]

    Cute little Sticker-Like YCH for valentines day u//v//u Show your beloved one or friend that you never let go of them (or... that you dont want them to let go of your hand *eyes-emoji*) https://www.furaffinity.net/view/40348553/ Price (both characters): 20$ Flatcolor 30$ Shaded (Cell or soft)...
  5. driftingdragon

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Romantic YCH Collaboration (SB:$60-AB:$300 )

    Hey everyone! We're doing a different type of Your Character Here Sale! This piece marked down by over HALF is currently bidding at $60 per slot! So come bid for your chance to win the HQ finished product, over hundreds of hours poured into this for sale! So be sure to check it out while it...
  6. schrieme

    Hiring: ~CLOSED~ NSFW Feral Dragon Couple ($200[+?])

    My mate and I have had a commission idea for a while now, and thought what better place to ask than on the FA forums! Our budget might be able to go a little higher, but not by much. Note: both characters are over 18 Looking for: cartoony to stylized semi realistic Soft shaded heavily...
  7. somniari

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Valentine's Day - YCH Auctions [starting at $5 - $15]

    valentines is almost here, and i wanted to celebrate with a few ych auction templates! i am currently working on round 1 of all three of the couples ones, and round 2 is ongoing for all of them please check them out on their linked fur affinity pages! ych part 1 - round 2 open! ych part 2...
  8. naiko372

    (Base/YCH) Selling: YCH couple- 35$

    base for a cute couple, just show me the two characters you want ! (can be full furries or character, i can do wathever you'd like !) my ig: Naiko372 | DeviantArt furaffinity: Userpage of Naiko372 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  9. Benjie Foxilia

    Hiring: {CLOSED} Couple Art, Mild NSFW? [≤$120 USD+tip]

    {AN ARTIST HAS BEEN CONTACTED. THANKS TO ALL WHO CONTACTED ME! THIS POSTING IS NOW CLOSED AND NOW EXISTS FOR FUTURE REFERENCE.} G'day! I'm lookin' to get a digital drawing done of an anthro couple to celebrate a relationship anniversary. This would consist of two full-bodies, of course, and...
  10. Moonbeau

    Hiring: LF: Dragons, DragonxHuman, HumanxHuman, SFW/NSFW ($5-100)

    Hello there. You may call me Moon upon interactions from now on! I'm new around here but I'm looking for things awfully specific to my ocs in question. I have a few OCs where I'd like to give them more art to expand their AU, as I love writing about their lore. Some context info, I have a...
  11. roudrasagi

    (Base/YCH) Selling: YCH 04 - Couple waterfall OPEN SB-usd40

    Hi im new to this furrafinity @v@ 1st time selling wish me luck I have been at deviantart for 7 years just telling if someone afraid im a ghost uwu My deviantart roudrasagi | DeviantArt Ok here i got YCH auction done last night at 3.50am It's a couple at the waterfall for more info and to sb...
  12. Onyx-Mille-Gryphon

    Unique Professional Commissions ($25-$70)

    Looking for realistic styled art at a reasonable price? I offer several types of unique commissions (such as music inspired, animated icons, and more!) Check out my price/example list here: docs.google.com: The Art of Onyx Commission Info Contact- FA: Millennium-Millie-Gryphon Email...
  13. Alaricat

    Hiring: Looking for couple art with background and shading

    Hiya! I'm planning on proposing to my partner and i was thinking i'd commission art of my sona proposing to their sona and while theyre looking at it I would get on one knee... ik it's cheesy but the furry community is a big part of both of our lives and also how we met. Anyways! I would be...
  14. Excellentjerky

    (Base/YCH) Selling: COUPLE YCH!

    Couple YCH since Valentines day is coming up! SB is at $20 Click the link below to bid and good luck www.furaffinity.net: Cupcake YCH by ExcellentJerky Finished example!
  15. SageNyas

    (Commission) Selling: ✨Valentine's Day Art Sale!✨$15 and Up!

    Hello! Are you looking for something to get your partner this Valentine's day? I can help! I'm offering icons ($15) and couple's icons for $25 Couple's art pieces for $50 (normally $70) I can also make a custom sticker pack for you of you and your partner/whatever you like. Made on...
  16. Aqua-Spirit22

    Looking for human art (specially couple)

    Just that, human art only (I don't know if it's frequent here or?), ideally couples but I may go for single too. My budget is rather low so don't show me stuff above $30 / character please ;; also no private message/conversation, post here please !
  17. WhimsyVonGrimm

    Show me your cute couple art!

    I love love, so I love drawing cute couples and all that romantic stuff :> Comment romantic art Lately I made a YCH for long distance couples and am super happy to of filled so many - here's a favorite
  18. cupcake_dafox

    Can somebody draw me, or my baby (maybe both together)

    Hi!I just wanted to see if anyone would like to draw me, my baby or both of use together!I will be really grateful if you do. I will like cupcake (my fursona above) to have his hoodie on!He is a fox.Pm for his info I will like him to do anthro or feral (her old ref) (Fursona now) This is...
  19. nonaline

    Commissions human/furry/Chibi/couple art

    Welcome to my art shop:) slot:5 I'm nonaline. I will post commission to DA/IG/FB. If you don't want my pose just tell me:) IG DA FA the commission are for personal use and not commercial. English isn't my first language, so I might reply really slowly. only PayPal. I only do Character's...
  20. ditta_ragdoll

    New Year together sale!| discount for winter themed couples art| 5 slots| $10

    If you want a chance to have art of you and your honey together for your new year, I'm offering a discount for it! No one should have to ring in the new year alone! I'm going to mark down a few slots for lineart and flat color with a second character to half price! Two characters for lineart and...