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couple commission

  1. roudrasagi

    (Base/YCH) Selling: YCH 04 - Couple waterfall OPEN SB-usd40

    Hi im new to this furrafinity @v@ 1st time selling wish me luck I have been at deviantart for 7 years just telling if someone afraid im a ghost uwu My deviantart roudrasagi | DeviantArt Ok here i got YCH auction done last night at 3.50am It's a couple at the waterfall for more info and to sb...
  2. Pyruus

    Couples Art, anyone? (up to $20 budget, may be flexible) CLOSED

    I'm hoping to get some couple art of me and my boyfriend. I'm thinking maybe in an outdoor setting, something like near a campfire, or in front of the Aurora Borealis, that sort of thing. Arctic-themed. My budget goes up to $20, though I'm willing to be flexible with that range. If interested...
  3. WildCatriona

    Looking for Valentine's Day Couple Art

    Hello! I'm looking to commission an artist to draw my two characters- Catriona & Aspen for Valentine's Day - I will go more into detail about the pose I'm wanting (nothing complicated & SFW) in a message. (Their descriptions are important!) But I'm looking in the $45-$50 price range if possible...
  4. Meeptay

    Tayler's Commissions ($7-$40)

    Tayler's Commissions Hi, hello! The name's Tayler, and I'm new to commissions around here, but I'd love to draw for you! I'm currently open for USD commissions only (through paypal). Message me on here, or on any of my social media accounts! Twitter | Tumblr | Instagram Check these for the...
  5. Kelshray

    Valentine commissions discount!

    Hi! Only until February 14! Feral, Furry, Anthro, Human, Fanart and so on! PRICE HERE (google docs) - docs.google.com: Commission price guide of Kelshray Note me in Furraffinity acc - Userpage of kelshray -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  6. werewolf-kun

    DISCOUNTED Valentine's Couple Commissions

    Discounted Valentine's Couple Commissions ! LIMITED TIME ONLY ! For $30, you can get a two character fullbody image with clean lines, full color, and shading ! This is a great deal, so get it while you can ! You can also decide to get two single-character commissions instead of doing a...