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cover art

  1. Icsbonkun

    [Animal Crossing K.K Cover] Baby you're a Haunted House

    Made this cute but short K.K Slider cover <3 Enjoy <3 https://youtu.be/y61aQDv9tQs
  2. B

    Hiring: Looking for Comic Book cover artist ($40)

    hi! I’m looking for an artist to make a cover for a comic I’m thinking of The cover shows two hyenas. One male one female The woman has rings in her ear and wears a White T-shirt and tight booty-shorts The boy is wearing a black shirt with a blue star on it and the cover reads “Sleep tight” in...
  3. Ijaron

    Cover art (critique)

    hello everyone a month ago i made a coverart for m EDM song called "Ocean Depths" well the the coverart was pretty simple to create but i am still curious what other people think about it^^
  4. Ijaron

    art critique: coverart

    hello guys i recently made this digital cover art for one of my tracks and wonder what other people think about it :) the song is called " deepspace" so the picture ^^
  5. Shouden

    Cover Art for Book

    So, I'm getting ready to self publish a book and I need some really simple cover art done. I don't have the money for a commission, but I'd be willing to trade a story for cover art and/or give a portion of sales. Here's my idea: In big bold letters at the top we see the title: Cityscape...