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  1. Icsbonkun

    [Animal Crossing K.K Cover] Baby you're a Haunted House

    Made this cute but short K.K Slider cover <3 Enjoy <3 https://youtu.be/y61aQDv9tQs
  2. Retto Elbaroda

    Anyone in mood to remake a Slovak punk-rock song?

    This is likely a wrong place to ask, but considering our community is usually LGBT friendly, I thought I could try to post it here too... So basically, there is this Slovak punkish song called "L & G Song" by the Horkýže Slíže band. The L & G stands for Lesbian and Gay, and for some reason I...
  3. Ijaron

    WE ALL lift TOGETHER cover by fans for fans (project)

    disclaimer: this is not the finished product but a call for your participation in it hello everyone. my name is Norjia, while yes I wasn't as active as I used to be at this point in warframe i still have a great interest in the themes and music of it while I am not a great composer I would...
  4. ownerofalonelyheart

    need a book cover 40$

    Greetings artists. I am a writer in possession of unusual OC's (original species) and I am looking for an open-minded artist to draw them for me. please note I need these covers for commercial use-covers on Amazon. My OC's are vehicle-inspired animal-people which is why I'd like to work with...
  5. Ijaron

    cover song critque ("Surrender" by "Billy Talent")

    hello everyone i made a cover of the song "Surrender" by Billy Talent" and would like to know what other people think about it... my second channel wich i use for voice covers is kinda new and has only one subscriber that is why i want to sk you for a nice (good and bad) critique i would realy...