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  1. crownsmajesty

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) NSFW cow/bull half/full bodies

    I’m selling NSFW commissions of cow/bull furs, I mostly draw chubby and plus sized furs but I can draw an array of other body types. DM IF INTERESTED, PAYPAL ONLY SFW example: NSFW examples: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/44360249/ https://www.furaffinity.net/view/44355520/
  2. Taïga

    Taïga, good hyena

    Hello everyone, I plunged in the "world" of furry a few months ago. I've got several lovers, friends and acquaintances that have one or more fursona and identify to them to varying degrees (often, a deep connection). I'm active on Mastodon (custom instance of one of my SOs) and I see a good...
  3. DrPepperAddict


    I have had my sona for about a year and I prefer natural looking sonas more often than not because neon green foxes get old. So when I made mine, I went for a more natural look and also incorporated parts of irl me (spot placement lines up with my irl skin condition and hair type/color) So I...
  4. F

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Offer to adopt $20-150

    Hi! I am selling a majority of my artwork for my different characters in a bid to try and get into a new place. On my furaffinity account located https://www.furaffinity.net/user/forgedx/ there is a gallery section labeled for sale. Feel free to offer to adopt any of the characters within.
  5. hinotama

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: beautiful girl needs adoption! SB 25$

    Hello guys! beautiful girls needs adoption! www.furaffinity.net: OPEN Adopt Auction GOTHIC GIRL by Hinotama www.furaffinity.net: OPEN Adopt Auction STREET GIRL by Hinotama
  6. M

    Request: Can you draw this cow please?

    Who can draw this cow??
  7. Dreammaker33

    Fursona Design advice?

    What do I need to do to improve the design of my character? Current design of Melisa.
  8. TaurenLove

    Working on a Tauren Shaman piece

    Hi Guys, Thought it might be fun to post up some WIP photo's of this girl - I drew her a long time ago, but the original sketch was a little "cartoony", so I've changed up the face and I love where she is going. Still very early stages, but here she is:
  9. S

    Looking for a story?

    I'm really sorry if this is not the best place to put this, if so please point me in the right direction, I don't want to be a nuisance. But I'm looking for a cow tf story about a girl who's hired to work at a farm, she drinks some butter milk, and then she turns into a cow. The farmer's name...
  10. MuuMuu

    Cow goes moo

    So I've mostly seen tutorials for how to make canine/feline type heads, but I gotta ask: How does one go about making a bovine/cow type head????
  11. Conseqq

    Request: Transitioning Bull

    Hey, all! So, I've been kind of keeping this whole thing on the down-low, mainly because I was still discovering myself, and learning to accept myself, aswell. Now, however, I've gotten comfortable enough to finally say, and appreciate saying, that I plan to go through with transitioning into...
  12. SootTiger

    Characters and Adoptables!

    I have a bunch of characters I no longer use anymore and would love to see them go to good homes. UNDER $20 Akashi on Toyhouse - $5 DJ & KT on Toyhouse - $5 each Huzuni on Toyhouse - $8 Kalona on Toyhouse - $10 Kaiser on Toyhouse - $5 Murrs on Toyhouse - $5 each Pudge on Toyhouse - $10 Shin on...
  13. F1uffy.Chips

    Make my cow come to life!

    So I have this cow sona in mind and I want her to come to life!Btw her name is Becky Heres a written description of her: Okay, so she is a cow with pink hair long hair. She has heart blush (pink) and instead of black she has pink.She has big Thighs and breast.Her eyes are baby blue and as well...
  14. Conseqq

    Request: Holiday-themed art of a male cow

    Hey, I'm Conseqq! You may have seen me once or twice around the forums, as I'm fairly active. I don't actually have many Holiday-themed pieces of my fursona, Coffee. I know, it's asking a lot, but I'd be incredibly thrilled if you surprised me with art of Coffee in whatever festive costumes you...
  15. dogryme6

    False Memory, Cow Redemption

    Once upon a time in the fursona forums I made a thread asking why people liked to make cow fursonas and why they put udders on everything. It was a rather stupid thread to begin with, but here's a key quote that I hung onto for a long time... Well, What if I told you because I was a stupid kid...
  16. Kyoukiaoitatsu

    IceCream Cows and Canines Adopts [5-6$]

    My birthday is coming up on July 10th. I'm trying to get a bit of extra spending money for a birthday trip to the beach. Ice Cream Inspired Cows babes = $6 each or $15 for all 3 Made using galaxy 8 note sketchbook app. First base I made. Hope you like. Canines = $5 Each Base by Moon. Post...
  17. GumiTheCarrot


    My main account on FA has reached 3k+ views, so I've decided to say "thank you" by raffling off some adopts ;3 Go here to enter: www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN]3000+ Page Views Raffle[OPEN] by CarrotPatchRaffles www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN]3000+ Page Views Raffle[OPEN] by CarrotPatchRaffles...
  18. GumiTheCarrot


    I have some adopts for auction, check them out! SB for each is $10. Lion : www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN]Lion Auction[OPEN] by CarrotPatchAdopts Cow : www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN]Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cow Auction[OPEN] by CarrotPatchAdopts Purple Red Panda : www.furaffinity.net...
  19. Bedlams

    Anyone want to draw an overly fetish cow-taur character?

    Hello! I recently made a cow-taur character, and I'd like to have something visual of her for the people who don't go off written refs. Her ref is here. Please comment even if uninterested. Thanks!
  20. Aquachan

    Looking for a dark Transformation RP

    I'm looking for someone who'd be willing to have an rp with me with a dark transformation in which I would like to be the transformed one. My characters for Transformation RPs are usually female but I can play male ones aswell(as I mostly play male characters when it comes to fandom RPs) or even...