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  1. Ghouliesauce

    Another New FA Artist, oh boy.

    New to FA. Please excuse my extra awesome Bakugo pfp, my ghoulie dragon bab icon is a bit outdated, soooo. |D I'm older than I'd like to admit, but alas. 27, feeling ancient and creaky at all times. I draw anthro, humanoid, feral, whatever really. :3 SFW artist. (old and sfw, waaat? I'm just...
  2. LaughingFox

    New crafter

    Hi! I’m new here! I’ve been hanging around the site for awhile and thought I’d step in here too. I often just go by Fox. I enjoy doing a lot of assorted crafts. Lots of jewelry and other stuff. A lot of animal based stuff. I like making little ways people can let their fur flag fly in the day to...