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  1. D

    Custom Fursona Masks [WAIT LIST: OPEN]

    Custom Made Fursona Masks SOLD OUT ADDITIONAL SLOTS COMING SOON Leave a comment on our most recent Instagram post (@lunaflora_landing) if you’d like to be put on the ping list for our next opening! ✨✨✨ Social Media Shop Art © LittleRavine. Characters © dakodils. You DO NOT have...
  2. Maro

    YCH: Art burned on wooden box! Free shipping, will arrive before christmas. SB: 15$ AB 70$

    CURRENT BID IS 20! If You want to give the box as a gift for someone then it's last chance! Creating process take 1-4 days (all depends on contact with buyer) shipping is around 2 weeks, can be 3 weeks (I am from Poland) Link More examples MORE BOXES
  3. C-artsy

    Show me your crafts and sculpture!

    I want to see your artisan crafts! Most of us draw, but I'm sure there are lots of crafters too. Be it crochet, clay, paper art, mixed-media, woodworking, metal/wire, upcycling... even if you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, share your crafty side. And ask questions if you're curious about...
  4. Elizabeth Mae Legere

    Crochet Fursonas

    Hi there! My name is Liz and I am an experienced crocheter. I love making amigurumis and I thought it would be cool if I offered to make crochet versions of your fursona. I would need a sketch and we would go over the specifics together to work out what exactly you need. I would expect each to...
  5. TURSO workshop

    Fursuit Parts & Supplies

    Greetings! We're a two-person team working on fursuit parts and supplies. Both of us has been working on personal fursuits for some years, and we'd now happily share our expertise with the rest of the fandom! Need some resin eyes? Silicone parts? Does your project need a custom part modeled...
  6. M

    Ordering Fabric Online?

    Hi there! I want to start making dolls/plushes of my fursonas but I have no idea where to go to order fabric online. Fabric stores where I live are extremely limited. What sites do you use to order fabric online? Also websites that will ship to Canada (preferably not for $100’s of dollars!)
  7. syrupcomfiture

    NEEDLEFELT COMMISSIONS ~ $10 USD each! ~ 5 slots open

    Hey everyone! I'm now offering needlefelt commissions! I'm fairly new to the craft, but I'm loving it and would love to make one for you. ^^ I can do Furries, Humans, Pets, Pokemon, ETC! +$5 for heavy detail (EX: Extra limbs, wings) What is needlefelt? from aussiefelts : "Needle felting is the...
  8. R

    Submission help?

    Hey everyone, I just started a new crafting account and have a couple of questions. I am trying to upload some pictures of my crafts and when I do so it doesn't list crafting as a choice? It lists art and poetry and writing ect. Just no crafting sort, so really not sure how to submit my items...
  9. psychonautic

    Anyone with exp in shipping packages?

    Apologies if this is the wrong forum, I figured it's a general question rather than art related :< This year I'm planning to start selling physical goods, mainly dolls, but I'm mostly clueless about shipping. I want to be sure I use the right packaging and shipping method to ensure the cheapest...