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  1. just.chillin

    Wild stories from your school(s)

    Like the title implies, share stories from the schools that you went to. I've gathered some from the high schools that I attended: A human lung in a toilet during prom. Someone stole the biology teacher's preserved smoker's lung that was sealed in a jar and dumped the contents into the toilet...
  2. 00099988drak

    Crazy Traders

    I'm opening up to crazy art traders. What it mean is that one OC and an other character From tv, game etc. doing something together. I want to see what you can up with as I have many crazy random ideas.
  3. Xitheon

    Ever fallen in love with someone...

    I'm obsessed with a furry artist. I have been for like a fucking decade. Her art totally blows my pants off and she also does a lot of animal-welfare stuff which I deeply admire. This thread was intitally going to be an appreciation thread with a link to her FA art site, but I realised at the...
  4. Open_Mind

    Craziest things spotted in holiday ads

    I hope this doesn't break any rules (I'm not selling anything myself) but thought it might be fun to share the wonkiest, weirdest or coolest things you ran into while holiday shopping ... (SFW only, of course) If it is ok, this would be my first submission: cat headphones!
  5. Wild-Fantasy-Run

    Otherkin what is you opinion and experience?

    Ok so I don't want to sound like a ass, but other-kin are pretty intense crazy f**k's. I am sorry if you are other-kin and thats insulting but I went and tried dipping my toes into their world and wholly S**T man. I consider my self a strange person myself and into what some would call...
  6. Rant

    Crazy Hybrid Ideas!!!

    Ok so I was asked by Xing to come up with a unique Hybrid and I had sooooo much fun im here to share the madness!! I'd love to see some of these made! I will keep adding to the madness so stay tuned. Please make these happen! Their all open so draw away!
  7. Dreathen

    Howdy from a British Yeener ^//^

    Hello all! General boredom has brought me towards y'all, so I guess here I am posting random stuff and things! I'm so crappy with personal introductions, but some general things I would say is; I'm a tall thin punky spotted hyena thing I make awful music and flash based video games I'm pretty...