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  1. F3L4N

    Looking for an Feral Macro Grow Story Idea creator [SFW]

    Hi, i hope thats the right way to do this. :) I am in search of an Idea Creator for a few Macro Story´s about two Wolves and one Dragon. I´ve already got a few Story´s about the Wolves, but i need some different Macro "Action" "thing" whatever you gonna call it, but and thats the problem i don´t...
  2. Depressoespresso

    Any Fursuit Creators In New Zealand?

    Hiya! I’m looking for a mini partial from someone in NZ, I’m open to people overseas too though i’m EXTREMELY on edge as i’ve been scammed in the past. Just hmu ^^ my price range is around $250-$1500 NZD I’m not expecting something incredible, i’d just like something simple :> if your price is...
  3. Zel_____

    Are you an artist? Suit maker? Musician? Join the Furry Business chat!

    Hey everyone! I've been an artist in the fandom for at least a decade now, but I've only started taking the business side of that seriously recently. I realized I had lots of questions about running a table in the dealer's den, like how many prints to buy, what fair prices for my art might be...