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creature design

  1. Awushka

    (Commission) Selling: 15$+ Anthro ♥ Feral ♥ Animalart | fullbody | character reference sheets avaible!

    Hi! I’m not a furry but I really enjoy drawing fantasy creatures and animals and I was wondering if anyone here would like to commission me ^^ I saw a lot of awsome and crazy ideas here and it’s so inspiring! ♥ For now I can draw for you: Coloured sketch 15 USD simplified style, sketchy lines...
  2. wagglebug

    (Commission) Selling: $15-30 Commissions!

    Hello! I'm offering commissions for the below prices. There's not a lot I won't be willing to do except for very muscular characters and mecha pieces! I'll do armor but only with a reference please! Otherwise everything is a-go and if you're unsure, just ask. I'll also take *detailed* written...
  3. PercyD

    Sketchbook: [Streaming Offline!] -- Percy (D)raws- (D)oodle Book

    Ahoy. =u=/ My name is P.D. I've been drawing since the early 2000's. However, around 2012, life happened and I stopped drawing (as) much. Now life is starting to settle back out again for me and I am drawing again! I am mainly a digital artist, since I am not stable enough for natural mediums...
  4. Nimphradora

    Colorful creature design

    Starting bid is $10, minimal bid increase is $2. Auction ends 24 hours after the last bid After you buy them I'll send you the full res picture of your creature. You can use it as you wish. Bid on my FA page. Design A Current bid : $10 Design B Current bid:
  5. Noxeorn

    My art~

    Hello! I just want to start posting my works not only at FA site, but here too ^^ I won't upload all of it, because it's too many. So, just a few of recent works c: If you click on picture, you'll go to FA page with it~ p.s. I draw in various ways: traditional drawing, digital painting or...
  6. furryfilth

    DAD creativity thread

    I need ideas for a new Dutch Angel Dragon fursona, preferably ones that aren't all that similar to Telephone. I like her shape and style which if typically just characteristic of DADs, but maybe just some new horn/spike placement, unique features, etc? Throw me some ideas.
  7. Beltaguise

    Commissions Open! Monsters, gore and more!

    I specialize monsters, animals, humans/humanoids My weaknesses are cars, buildings and anything non-organic really, so commission these with caution! I'm willing to draw gore, and some light nsfw (ask me about this if interested, some things I'm just not comfortable drawing). You can find more...