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  1. Xuul

    6$ Flat Chibis OPEN

    Hi guys! I need to start saving up for a therapy kitty, so I think I'll start here ♥ This is an example of the chibis I can do! If you want shading it'll be another 1$ and I'll make sure it's good ♥ Flat color backgrounds are free and at this time I do not offer detailed bgs. The above chibi...
  2. SheeKNS

    Shee Commissions

    Hello everybody, I'm open for commissions right now! I just updated my price chart. Prices start from 5€ onwards! Contact: Holydramon@gmail.com If you wanna see bigger pictures you can visit my galleries ! Artwork Gallery for Thurid -- Fur Affinity [dot] net SheeKNS's DeviantArt Gallery...
  3. P

    Monster/Creature Adopts (auction until Jan. 31st)

    www.furaffinity.net: monster creature adopts (auction) by paarker bidding will take back from now until January 31st. After that they will be sold at a flat price of 5$ you can bid here or on the post for them! Only USD will be accepted. feel free to message me with any questions or comments!
  4. lichcrow

    Noodle Son Adoptables [EDIT: MORE NOODLES]

    Selling six of my closed species Noodle Sons! Prices range from $5-20 and are listed in images, payment thru paypal, message me if you're interested! Click the images for more info, and consider giving me a watch! EDIT: #1 on image 2 is taken and #2 on image 3 is taken!
  5. Arisu


    Hello! Since I really enjoy making Telegram stickers, I decided to open commissions for telegram stickers of your character! The price is 60$ for a pack of 10 stickers, then 5$ for every additional sticker! What are telegram stickers? -> telegram.org: Stickers Done Right I will do : Human...
  6. T

    Anthro/creature artist with slots available.

    Hey everyone :) I'm primarily a creature artist, but I have some time spare and would love to open up a couple slots for some high-quality anthro work. (SFW and NSFW included) Examples Include: Prices start at about $250 for one character and change depending on needs or complexity...
  7. Trioza

    Dragon Design Auction!

    Hello everyone! I have one dragon, who is looking for new home. Please, check out my auction :) www.furaffinity.net: Dragon Design Auction #3 [OPEN] by Trioza
  8. Noxeorn

    My art~

    Hello! I just want to start posting my works not only at FA site, but here too ^^ I won't upload all of it, because it's too many. So, just a few of recent works c: If you click on picture, you'll go to FA page with it~ p.s. I draw in various ways: traditional drawing, digital painting or...
  9. Muuchu

    $10 fully colored chibis!

    Can be of your own character or I can do a custom crature / animal! Depending on the difficulty of your character, it will either be done on the same day or within 1-2 days. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Paypal & USD...
  10. Muuchu

    $10 fully colored Chibis!

    Can be of your own character or I can do a custom crature / animal! Depending on the difficulty of your character, it will either be done on the same day or within 1-2 days. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Paypal & USD...
  11. i-zora

    Pandeer and puffy owl!

    Hello! Auction of: Actual highest bidder: 1. 9$ 2. 5$ 3 and 4 cry together 5. 5$ DEADLINE 26/06/2016 23:59 CEST If you´re interested bid here DA or here FA And auction only for 2 pandeer (Ice): Winner 1. (pending for confirmation) 3. Owner confirmed DEADLINE 24/06/2016 23:59 CEST If...
  12. armandox

    Commissions/Digital Art

    Hello! I'm open for commissions. My name is Stas Armandox. I draw sfw and nsfw art. I'm comfortable with most requests, that range from portraits and full body paintings to illustrations and concepts. I'm comfortable drawing gore, different gender, body types, species, etc. I accept Paypal as...
  13. BananaLizard

    Feral Art from BananaLizard

    Welcome! I'm guessing if you are here, you're interested in what I can do~ Awesome. I've got it relatively organized, so please read through at your leisure~ [About Me and How I Work] I am a self-taught artist. I didn't take any classes (save for one "digital imaging class" in high school in...
  14. terriblebeast

    manticore adopts!!

    i've been trying to sell these for a while now! They're $20 each but I would be willing to haggle down to at least $15 if you need to ~~ ((#2 is already taken, however)) here's the FA link if you wanna comment there instead!
  15. mochimoth

    $20 Custom Charm and Sticker Commissions

    Hey there! I’m opening up CUSTOM STICKER and CHARM COMMISSIONS! If interested, all you have to do is email me at owlieclawdraws@gmail.com and fill in the lines below. More detailed info about stickers/charms here. FOR: [your name/url commissioning me] PAYPAL EMAIL: [I use paypal invoice to...
  16. TokageTheBunny


    Hi everyone! I'm selling these adoptables, felines are 12$ and ponies 10$( except for number 7 and 8 that are 14$) C: First come firts serve! If you add 10$ to your order i'll do a flat colored piece of the character you have bought ^^