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  1. Chomby

    How can writing be free and fun for me?

    So... I already make and commission art of my characters, and I love visual art, but part of it feels... Empty. Unfortunately I don't like to write further than a bio and I don't like to roleplay, which sucks. I feel like I'm neglecting important pieces to make my characters whole, but when I...
  2. Tsuko-chi

    Critique Tsuko-Chi for fun!!

    Hello! My URL in FA is tsuko-chi. I have started drawing anthros a while ago, and was wondering if my art is working? Anthro's are easy to make awkward and wonky, so tips on technicalities are my super helpful! Ultimately I dont have lots of works to show but whatever is prevalently bad go...
  3. Elf-cat

    If you had a chance to help someone would you?

    If you had a chance to help someone would you? Critical help is needed for a furry bro. Further details in the video.