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  1. mixpomdog

    Critique: Looking for ways to improve my artwork!

    Hello all! So currently im looking for ways to improve my art and any general tips and tricks! Also anything that im doing wrong. Ive been drawing for a couple of years . (I started drawing when I joined FA actually! ) . I have multiple of art styles for different things. This is my human Art...
  2. LizardKing05

    Asking for opinions on Akame Ga Kill!

    I finished reading Akame Ga Kill! and Akame Ga Kill! Zero and I want to hear other opinions on those two manga, as well as the sequel series to AGK, Hinowa ga Yuku. In my personal opinion, AGK and AGKZ are alright with some flaws with setting and characters. However my interest levels are...
  3. MoonlitEsau

    Critique: My Bloodborne inspired character: Criticism, opinions?

    Hi, so i'm not really into creating characters, fursonas and whatever else, but i made a few drawings based around my Bloodborne character: I made him a cross fox, but I might change that, dunno. What do you think I did right, and where should I focus on improving?
  4. sausy1

    Critique - My very simple TF story outline

    This is the story of a student named Daryl who is expected to cast a simple spell on himself and write an essay on his experiences. He picks a spell that gives him a lizard tail. The story is called "My Glorious Bastard Tail" or something like that. I think the title does a good job at...
  5. Glitter_Daddy

    Areas I should focus on?

    Looking for ways to improve my illustration skills. Does anyone have advice on the areas I should improve on? https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/glitterdaddy/
  6. Magicka~

    What would make my sona cuter?

    I'm all for Kubu looking cute, but I also like to juxtapose their charm with punkish or sinister items (e.g. the spiked collar and shoe spikes). Kubu doesn't wear much and has an overall simple design. I know something can be added or revised! All help much appreciated! ヽ(#◠∀◠)ノ ❤ ⭐~~⭐
  7. mixpomdog

    Critique: Looking for way to improve my art style!

    Hello! Im glad to be back on this website. Anyhow like I said im looking in ways of improving. Like anatomy and shading. Here are my art examples human examples:
  8. tuxedo_fish

    Critique: In A Rut, Want to Improve

    Hello, folks! Like a lot of people, I've recently found myself with a lot more free time than I'd anticipated. I figured working on my art would be good to keep my mind off things. Maybe even with the end goal of getting decent enough to offer commissions on the regular. (If I believe, in my...
  9. Kope

    Critique: I want to develop my own style and get better with my art

    Any advice is appreciated on what I need to improve
  10. KD142000

    Critique: Critique my comic

    Hello, all. With current events in the media concerning the riots in the US and the All Cops Are Bad posts on social media, I'm worried that my comic, which features police officers as main characters will reflect badly on me. Please be aware that the plot does contain rioting, but not for the...
  11. Anfractuous_Entities

    What makes a well-constructed suit?

    Hello! I'm a beginning fursuit maker, with maybe only three suits under my belt. As I progress, it's becoming more and more important to me that the suits I make are comfortable to the people who wear them! So, I need your help: what makes a good suit, in your opinion? From bread-and-butter...
  12. Furrium

    Do you watch movies carefully or just for fun?

    Watch you movies carefully, analyze them: the plot, the game of actors, special effects, etc., or watch them just for fun, like the movie "Hummingbird Effect", it doesn’t matter who plays the role or the special effects are not important to you, but you just like how Jason State hits everyone...
  13. MrGimp21

    Critique: Requesting contructive criticism

    Hi everyone, After receiving good honest feedback of my drawings last year, I started going out of my comfort zone and learned a lot of new techniques regarding shading and lineart. I tried to improve those techniques with every new picture I'm making. I know I've still got a long way to go...
  14. G

    Criticism NSFW

    It's been a month but I'd like some criticism of my first submission and possible suggestions of where I can go. I'd like to get better at writing and appreciate any help. Also, I should warn that I plan on writing explicit content, just a heads up. www.furaffinity.net: Adventures of a Bunny...
  15. Deathless

    "Your art is too __!"/ Unwanted Criticism

    Has anyone ever complained about your art or art style saying it's too toony, unrealistic, detailed/undetailed, etc? I get that everyday from people I actually don't care about. With my art style, I draw cartoon styled eyes and I get people making fun of that. I know that in the furry fandom...
  16. Pheanir

    Is feedback by a layman important?

    Something I noticed about feedback while browsing different websites (not only on FA): It seems like when somebody who isn't a professional criticizes somebody else's work on a constructive level it gets rejected - especially if the criticism targets somebody who actually is a professional...
  17. S

    Canine Head Needs Critique

    Hello all! I've been working on my second fursuit head and could really use critique on it. I'd like it to be as good as possible. I'm going for a toony style with this dude, but I'm really unsure on how to make the jaw/mouth look like a smile, and I don't know about the facial shape/cheeks/etc...
  18. kemo_the_kitty

    Heyo! I've made another song I'd like to have some criticism/opinions about it

    It's Trap, just saying before hand lol This is my second song that I release under the name of Kemo (yay). It actually took me too long to get it to a point where I liked everything from this song. But you know, I want see if something's missing or some tips :3. Any kind of support (sharing...
  19. ennuietic

    (NSFW) Anatomy colouring help

    Hi everyone! I'd like some help regarding a piece I'm working on currently: I've only picked up working digitally again after about six years, so it's taken me a bit to get back into it, and I've been trying some new colouring techniques and for the most part it's been successful... but it...
  20. S

    Movie Reviews

    Hello everyone! :D I dont know about you, but iam a huge movie fanatic and since film is a relatively popular topic here, I thought I might give this thread a try, hoping that atleast a few people are interested. This is basicaly going to be a similiar thread to forums.furaffinity.net: Talk...