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  1. Glitter_Daddy

    Any feedback?

  2. Glitter_Daddy

    Need some feedback, help me choose the best one.

  3. sausy1

    Critique - My very simple TF story outline

    This is the story of a student named Daryl who is expected to cast a simple spell on himself and write an essay on his experiences. He picks a spell that gives him a lizard tail. The story is called "My Glorious Bastard Tail" or something like that. I think the title does a good job at...
  4. Klox

    Help : what is my style ?

    Hello ! So ive been on FA for 3 weeks now and ive been drawing steadily since then, like 1 drawing every 2 days almost. With 20+ submissions i feel like people can have a good idea of what im able to do and so can help me by giving me feedback. I plan to do 3 thread about ME (public : *woohoo*)...
  5. ScapegoatSeanan

    Critique: Wolverine head base

    Okay, so... Hi, I am trying this for the first time. Feel free to be brutal (but somewhat constructive preferably) , I can't be discouraged from doing things I'm awful at. Does this look like a bear/wolverine? It's very rough, as I'm sure you can tell. Haven't even put eye holes in it yet...
  6. Ziggy Schlacht

    Style Comparison/Critique

    I vary between 4 different styles in my art. Looking to get some opinions on which comes off that most interesting. And feedback in general.
  7. Glitter_Daddy

    Look for some feedback my work of first adult comic

    This will be my first adult comic and I know it still early but without text is the pages readable, can you guys some what understand what's going on? Thanks for your time.
  8. DeisoriBug

    Constructive criticism wanted

    Hello! I'm looking to improve my art to get more commissions (also-first post! hello!) Here are some of my art I'm looking to get critiqued! Anything helps! (also commissions are open if anyone is interested pricing starts at $5 for a quick icon-dm for prices) I'm posting multiple styles so...
  9. xdontyoufakeit

    What do you look for in an artist?

    Hey everyone! I know this question looks too broad or confusing but I wonder what goes on the mind of people who follow and/or buy from artists. Of course there are some obvious reasons like those who reply fast and are kind. What are those things that make you follow an artist? The way they...
  10. Kubudele

    What would make my sona cuter?

    I'm all for Kubu looking cute, but I also like to juxtapose their charm with punkish or sinister items (e.g. the spiked collar and shoe spikes). Kubu doesn't wear much and has an overall simple design. I know something can be added or revised! All help much appreciated! ヽ(#◠∀◠)ノ ❤ ⭐~~⭐
  11. soulbox


    Drew this gift for a friend (Tonkable on furaffinity. Please follow their art!), but I would like some critique. I'm mostly concerned about the size of their torsos. I keep thinking they're too small/short. I'm also down for whatever other critique you got.
  12. tuxedo_fish

    Critique: In A Rut, Want to Improve

    Hello, folks! Like a lot of people, I've recently found myself with a lot more free time than I'd anticipated. I figured working on my art would be good to keep my mind off things. Maybe even with the end goal of getting decent enough to offer commissions on the regular. (If I believe, in my...
  13. fenchfletcher

    Can someone critique my newest animation?

    I am working on expressions in my animations, and I was wondering if someone could maybe critique the newest one I made so I can improve on future animations?
  14. Gwayne

    Critique: Tf story, Looking for Input

    www.furaffinity.net: River Child by Bec66 I’d like some more feedback on my work and if possible I’d like to know where I could find a writing tutor.
  15. Glitter_Daddy

    Looking for some feedback on my work (nsfw art)

    www.furaffinity.net: Tan being shy by Glitter_Daddy Looking for any feedback to help me improve my work.
  16. TempestValiant

    WIP Critique (soft NSFW)

    Hello, I'm currently working on a character that is meant to be a female barbarian/Germanic type warrior. I'm considering this NSFW because she is topless, but it is not meant to be sexual, just casual nudity. www.furaffinity.net: Olivia Starling WIP by TempestValiant Any suggestions on...
  17. D

    Critique: A wish come true

    Hey guys, I'm looking for some critique on a short short story I wrote (1000 words). Any feedback is appreciated. Here it is: drive.google.com: A wish come true.docx
  18. PercyD

    [Completed!] Iron Artist Challenge 2020

    Ahoy~ =u=// I'm doing an Iron Artist Challenge with my Fireside Cooperative artist friends for the next two weeks! During the challenge we'll be encouraging each other to draw as much as we can. If you want to participate, you can check out this post here-- www.furaffinity.net: Fireside...
  19. Jamiragon

    Critique: Request feedback for a Fantasy/Yaoi story

    Hi. I've been an FA member for quite some time and working on a graphic novel. I've also started writing prose (not for the first time, so I do have some experience with writing) featuring new characters. The characters are furry... more or less. They're all human/animal hybrids, like...
  20. WildKitFox

    Critique: Critique Request on adult scene

    Hey all! I'm working hard on improving my drawing, and was hoping to get some feedback. This is my first real attempt at placing two different characters in the same scene as if they were supposed to be inhabiting the same space and all. It was much harder than I cared for it to be, and I was...