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  1. FloppyPony

    Any other chibi artists here?

    I have been focusing on chibi art every since i first started drawing art as i loved the style so much and even though i have since expanded it is still very strong in my art style and i love to draw it but it is hard to get appropriate criticism for it when people just think its easy when its...
  2. WildKitFox

    Critique Request!

    Hey everyone! I'm desperately trying to improve my art skills and would love any and all advice/critique/suggestions you all may have on my work. My latest sketch is a WIP that's found here: www.furaffinity.net: Quinn WIP by WildFox373 I intend to color it eventually, but would love to here...
  3. FluffyShutterbug

    Shameless Self-Promotion

    Hi. Uh, I know that this should really go in the "Tutorials and Critiques" section, but nobody seems to go there, so I'd rather post here. I uh... Wrote a Skyrim fanfiction back in 2014, and I finally got around to posting it to FA, and I was wondering if anyone was willing to look at it to see...
  4. BubbleBee01

    Critique: Feedback wanted

    I’m still pretty new to anthro art and I’m working on developing my style. I was trying something (you can see in my old posts or my FA) but not liking it so I tried to switch things up a bit. This is just a headshot but I’m wondering how the overall style looks and am looking for general...
  5. MistressEnigma

    Critique: Honesty Appreciated

    Please be gentle. Asa was bummed, but her hormones didn't care, still firing into overdrive. Since he was a dragon, he had an animal magnetism that translated to his humanoid form beautifully. The books were brought out, each laid on a table. Asa sighed and held her hand out to the center...
  6. SoniatheSquishy

    Critique: Been Trying Something New Stylistically- Want Opinions

    I've been doing the same thing with my art for a while, and I think I hit somewhere I'm a little happier with- but I still want the opinions of third parties. Is this a decent style to settle on and develop or should I keep looking for something new- what do you like or not like about the style...
  7. A

    Nsfw critique wanted.

    Hello. I an aspiring writer hopeing to publish my work independantly. I am currently working on a series of erotic short stories and I was hoping to share little bits of it here so I can get opinions and critique. I am not sure if I am allowed to post erotic writing on this thread, so I can...
  8. WildKitFox

    Critique Requested!

    Hey everyone! I'm a very new and still very rough artist trying to improve a new skill, and was wondering if you fine folks could maybe take a moment and critique one of my drawings? It's posted here: www.furaffinity.net: Harem Fox by WildFox373 I would greatly appreciate any thoughts you may...
  9. Corran Orreaux

    Critique: An attempt at writing Star wars (Currently untitled)

    Hey! Well, I've had... so many ideas for a star wars story series thing and I think I'm finally aligning something I'm confident in! I guess consider this small bit to be a prologue. Could you tell me what you think? Thanks. -- Night no longer existed, not on Urdin. Day was marked by...
  10. Corran Orreaux

    Critique: Toil (A short story a little different then normal for me)

    I have posted this thing on my FA, but I'm still interested in what ya'll think. Toil is a short-story that's different from what I normally write - mainly since it starts my sona. I guess the main goal of the story is to set up some intrigue and mystery for my sona that I plan on fleshing out...
  11. T

    Critique: Please critique my first submission?

    So I posted my first short story. It's historical fiction, centered on WW2. I'd be really appreciative of any advice and feedback I can get. www.furaffinity.net: Blood Teeth and Honor, an anthology project. by thegriffin101
  12. Gwayne

    Critique: Posted my first TF story

    This is the first story I’ve ever posted on FA. I’d like some criticism. The story in Question: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/32987388/
  13. Super-Dough-Mutt

    Honest advice, feedback and critique please.

    I know I don't use these forums that much, but... Recently I got into a bit of an argument with a user over my art style and trying to receive their advice that they gave without any sort of extra elaboration or tact. It's a long story, I'll just post links to the journals here for context...
  14. RollerRobert

    Critique: critique my latest piece please?

    I'm still fairly new to digital painting and am quite proud of this! However, certain aspects (such as detailing and shading) are still difficult for me. Could someone point out things that could be improved in this piece (not only painting specific things, perhaps anatomy and the like as well)...
  15. restinglichface

    Looking for a bit of critique

    hey folks! I’m fairly new to drawing furries and also relearning how to do digital art after not really doing it for over a year. I was hoping to get a bit of critique on some of my pieces, maybe just some things I could do to make my art look more dynamic? Thanks in advance!
  16. Doodle Bunny

    Critique: Tear apart my art

    I’m desperate. I feel no pride or good feelings in my art. My stupid brain can’t figure out why. Go on. Rip it to shreds. I want to know why all my work makes me feel hollow.
  17. Babycatz

    New fursuit maker help!

    Hi I'm fairly new to the fandom and trying to make my first suit! My sona is a pink and white hyperfeminine bengal cat and im currently trying to make the head. (Sorry for the background mess) I was trying to add hair from a wig but I really didnt like how it looked so I removed it. I'm still...
  18. Misha Bordiga Zahradník

    Critique: A rough map.

    Made this using Campaign Cartographer 3+. Looking for any feedback. www.furaffinity.net: Setting Map Draft 1 by MishaGreen
  19. Olsie

    Critique: Need Anatomy critique

    Hey there, looking for a constructive critique/ redlining on the anatomy of my two new guys! They don't have names yet but I've paired them up. The arms are bugging me the most and I feel like their poses are kinda stiff? I wonder how I could improve on it, thank you for any feedback :D
  20. ShamanSquirrel

    Critique: Honest and Civil Critiques Needed

    I am by no means the greatest or most popular artist on here, but I'd like to share my art and allow it to be critiqued. What am I doing wrong or right, etc. I use Krita to make backgrounds, using several layers; and I use SAI for the foreground, also several layers. Sometimes I use the same...