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  1. oprettyoppossum

    Could I get a little feedback on my fursona?

    This is my fursona Priscilla. She's my garbage trash eating baby. I'm starting a comic staring her and my bfs fursona and I was wondering if anyone has any feedback for my design for her so far.
  2. -PonPon-

    Interested in Critique

    I've never really written a story with anthro characters before so i wonder what the experts in this field think lol. wanted a more open place of discussion huhu www.furaffinity.net: Prolog: grand summons by -PonPon- ^^^^^^ pls attempt read
  3. AlleycatIrony


    hey y'all i'm new here and was interested in some art critiques since this is the first time i've rly drawn anthros? some examples of my art: some tips and tricks for proportions and stuff would be good :3c (first pic is a friends oc, so credit for the character goes to him)
  4. Kenyatta

    Rookie Artist Checking In

    Just joined, thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Kenta! I'm a rookie artist who like designing characters a little too much. Looking for friends to talk with, and people to critique my art, maybe take some art requests sometime if I have time. Nice to meet y'all! I'm trying to learn how to...
  5. n1ghtmar3w0lf

    tell me your thoughts

    I want as many people as possible to give me some feedback on my work,and comic project here is the link to my comic http://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/knights-chronicles/list?title_no=34120 and check out my gallery for more of my art
  6. C

    How's my Art

    Now I've wondering, is my art bad? In Furry amino when I want to do an art trade, I get the same thing: "Cute, but that's not what I'm looking for" I've seen my artwork as a cartoonish style. And with that I feel many people are not going to like it. So for your opinion, What do you guys think...
  7. clAwful

    Art Critique and Help Improving

    I'm looking for honest critiques and opinions on my art. No need to sugarcoat anything; you can be harsh. Any advice would really be appreciated! This is everything I've done so far: (FA page if seeing them in bigger sizes helps critique)
  8. Skull Beast

    Critique my Sona?

    Just wondering what you guys thought of my sona. She's a sassy, mischevious, punk vernid(species by LiLaiRa) named Jinx. She's edgy af and loves skulls and spooky stuff. She is a beast tamer and loves big, toothy monsters. Here's what she looks like, tell me what you think of her design...
  9. ScruffyMusk

    Help With M/M Pokemon Game!

    Hey guys! My name is ScruffyMusk, and I'm currently writing a ton for this project! www.furaffinity.net: Pokemon Sex Game ~ Passimian Troop Update! by ScruffyMusk There's also a more detailed journal on what I'm looking for here! Seeking Proofreaders / Uhh...Passionate Horndogs! --...
  10. Earlybird


    Hey all, I'm at a point where I really need critique to improve. If you could check out some of my stuff at Userpage of earlybird -- Fur Affinity [dot] net and give me some constructive criticism I'd really truly appreciate it <3 I feel like specifically my coloring ability is really weak...
  11. F

    Fused Oneirism

    Hey guys, first post on this site and the first post of many to come, probably. I'm having a little bit of trouble getting any comments or critique whatsoever on my work (outside of my 2 IRL friends who aren't bothered by this sort of stuff), so I figured I'd come here and humbly ask for some...
  12. H


    Just started drawing.. Yesterday I got nothing.. after my 14th or so attempt today this is all I have.. I feel like I need to start over with a tutorial or twenty but I can't find anything about where everything should be on the face and shapes and stuff. I can't do anything without straight up...
  13. Lea.Tigris

    Critique My Everything!

    I want critique over everything. Rummage through my gallery and scraps, roast, comment, critique and advice me in all areas. I know somethings off with the way I draw, and I feel like I keep making the same mistakes but don't know what. So please please please, if you have the time, paw through...
  14. furryfilth

    Opinion on squeaky suiters?

    There was more squeakers this year than I personally have seen any other year, I'm not sure how I feel about it. Like it works for some suiters and for the ones who know how to use them it can be cute, but like the constant squeaky toy noises kinda just become background noise after a while in...
  15. Prostapheresys

    Is this an interesting setting for stories?

    So I'd like to write stories on FA but since I'm a beginner I thought to write about the lore and setting of my stories first in order to clear my ideas too, rather than straight out write my first story. Basically things revolve around two rivaling groups that both work for the social...
  16. Ijaron

    EDM song (critique needed)

    hello everyone^^i made an EDM song called "Harmony" a month ago and i realy need a few critiques, it would be nice if you could listen to it and tell me what you think. NO like, NO reshare.... just listen and comment that is all i want ^^
  17. Botticella89

    Would Like Some Critiques...

    ...And not the "oh wow!" kind. Though those are great, they don't tell me much. I want some meat to these critiques. An extra pair of eyes to spot something I haven't. Or if a repeating mistake that I'm making. Most of my pics are nsfw and I'm staring to delve into the furry world. If you...
  18. Ijaron

    cover song critque ("Surrender" by "Billy Talent")

    hello everyone i made a cover of the song "Surrender" by Billy Talent" and would like to know what other people think about it... my second channel wich i use for voice covers is kinda new and has only one subscriber that is why i want to sk you for a nice (good and bad) critique i would realy...
  19. Dearg

    I made some Lapfox Fanart.

    Tell me what you think , www.furaffinity.net: Tomba The Puppy by FrizzyDearg I was going to draw anthro and then I thought nah, something a little different. So I drew it in puppy form because I like to draw regular animals sometimes . here is a link if you want to know more about this...
  20. Katriel

    June Training - Feedback

    Finished my first little drawing for June training requests! <3 Colored pencil of Penelope O'Grady for Kitsune633. Primary goal for this training: Drawing an expressive character, facial expression, emotive ear position Secondary goal: Recognizably conveying someone else's character Other...