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  1. Yaxaas

    Hiring: Crocodile Reference Sheet ($5-$50USD)

    Hi, I'm looking for an artist to create a reference sheet for my crocodile fursona! I'd prefer you have experience in either drawing reptiles or better yet, crocodiles. Please comment below your price range and some examples of a ref sheet you have drawn- especially if it is a reptile! Thank...
  2. T

    Anthro/creature artist with slots available.

    Hey everyone :) I'm primarily a creature artist, but I have some time spare and would love to open up a couple slots for some high-quality anthro work. (SFW and NSFW included) Examples Include: Prices start at about $250 for one character and change depending on needs or complexity...
  3. ilexdusk

    New to the Fursona Game

    Any skunks out there? I just started brainstorming my own fursona that's gonna be a skunk :3 AND I'm also drawing her out terribly... but gotta start somewhere even if I'm not an artist xD My username is gonna be her name. Ilex or Dusk.. whichever people wanna address me as. Is that weird to...
  4. Saturn Galaxy

    Adoptables between 7.50 and 13.50 USD!

    I have quite a few adopts open right now! Here's the images and links to the posts on my page Tropical Gush Slime Gator - 13.50 USD Cloudy Dragon - 13.50 USD Marbled Dino - 8 USD Deer - 13.50 USD Mythical Adopts - 7.50-8 USD I'd prefer anybody interested in these to click the...
  5. Pawlle131313

    Open requests!

    www.furaffinity.net: Free requests *OPEN* by Pawlle131313 I'm giving out free requests, these are pencil sketches. To get one simply comment here with a character reference. (1 character/person) NOTE: I may NOT do all requests if I get too many, but if you make a journal (on FA itself) and...
  6. Impulse-8

    If FA had a "theme song"?

    I'd have no way to find one song to cover all the different types of artists, writers, viewers, and other noteworthy individuals on this site in a significant, meaningful way. Without a doubt, it would be impossible. So, I'll vote for this silly remix just because it has the word "crocodile" in...
  7. Hellsingkitten

    Help me name my characters.

    I have recently obtained these two characters and I cant decide what name to give to either of them. Anyone have some good name ideas? 1: ? (new)2:?