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  1. PancakeAnt

    Ant Boy Seeking Master! (OOC/RP/FEET)

    Hello! My name is Pancake, I'm an anthropomorphic ant boy who has a somewhat... strange addiction to feet. If you're wondering at all what I'm about, feel free to check out my f-list or FA listed on my profile. I'm here to try and find a Master, someone who wishes to own me as their 'foot...
  2. P

    Of whom was your first video game crush? = SFW

    Among video game characters, of whom was your first crush? Mine was Yuffie, from "Final Fantasy VII". (A childhood crush, to be honest!) Remember to keep your comments kind, nice, and SFW, or else I'll report you. After all, this is a SFW forum. (PG-13 comments are okay, but as long as it's...
  3. P

    Hiring for Macro/Micro Based Short Story

    Hi All, I'm interested in commissioning for a Macro/Micro based story. The story is still very vague in my mind, but will likely involve a female anthro growing to somewhere between 1 to 100 miles in height, or vise-versa a normal sized female anthropomorphic character coming across a race of...
  4. Protonite

    Advice for something that happened at a party?

    So um. There's this girl in my class that I really like, but I've never really talked to her before. (She's new to the school) Soo there was this party and everyone was invited. I normally don't go to these as I tend to not talk with anyone and just be introverted the whole time, but I thought...