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  1. catterall

    Looking for furs to play fps' with :D

    I'm a west coast gamer with a ton of free time on their hands (paws? =w=) and I'm looking for people I can add to steam and game with! I specifically play a ton of Halo and CS:GO. Playing solo looking for people has been taking forever, so I'm posting here to see if I can make some friends to...
  2. C

    Come Play CSGO With Me (At some point or another)

    Looking for new people to play with. If you are interested please contact me at Screechy#3703! I am very bored, if you couldn't already tell.
  3. Raiyo Star Dusk

    International Furry CS GO team buildup Idea, info and application

    Hey everyone, I´ll had the Idea that I would like to build up an International Furry CS GO Team, with the goal to maybe play someday Professional . About me: Name: Kai`Raiyo Star Dusk`De Gregorio Age: 18 Country: Germany Hi Iplay CS GO since 2012 and played over 5100h now. Iplayed so far in the...
  4. Nani888

    The scheme of profitable catch

    Greeting! I’m looking for rags on stock exchanges, socials, forums, on steam......everywhere!i’m player Counter Strike: Global Offencive for a loooong time and began recently to collect items!.. Am sure now srvices like OpenCSGO give greatest chances to get nice item for a low cost!.. I used...
  5. stimpy

    (CS:GO) thoughts on new glove case

    what are your thoughts on the new glove case? (My opinion) I really like the the M4A4 Buzz Kill And the Glock-18 ion work .i think the addition of gloves skins is kinda pointless but at the same time kinda cool.